My husband Joe and Katherine began sleeping together on Oct. 15,2016 at the Super 8 in Crowley and then went to a Movie. When I comforted them about the affair they denied it. She even called me to say that her ex fianc who she as still living with was trying to threaten physical violence against her for the allegations. This was just another lie so they could continue their affair. She lied and he lied repeatedly to me. I caught them on more than one occasion talking about their relationship and about their love. However he repeatedly told me she was just a fuck and that her ex had a small penis and the only thing she was really in love with was his penis. She was just a P (piece of ass) b/c I was going to school and ignoring him for my studies and she paid attention to him. I finally drove him out to her house and dropped him at her door and said you can have him. Who did she chose, her ex to go after when he tried to kick my Husbands butt. Basically I say if they want to be together they can be. B/c I want out of it.

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