Kathleen Sheridan, Hackensack, New Jersey, a registered cheater in cheatersregistry.com. The registry entry for Kathleen Sheridan, Hackensack, New Jersey is as follows: Hello, my name is Rose. I am 57, and my husband is also 57. We live in New Jersey. The affair started in October of last year. 28 year-old goes after a grandfather of 8 with brain impairment! We have been married 37 years. We have 3 children, 8 grandchildren. We live in a cottage with a white picked fenceÉvery much involved with our church, then along comes Kathleen Sheridan Ð home wreckerÉ.; About the home wreckerÉÉ her name is Kathleen Sheridan, she also goes by Kae Sheridan. She is 28 years old (!), almost 30 years younger than my husband. Since she is not able to get a guy her age interested in her she goes after older men. Men who she knows will look at her and think wow! She likes meÉwow! they are men who do not know what a vile uncaring slut she is. She will even go after men with brain diseasesÉ Or desperate men who just got out of prison.; She sort of looks like a witch, with a boyish bodyÉ.. No boobiesn She stills lives with mommy and daddy. Saddest of all she has a daughter (out of wedlock, of course) who she has no problem parading one man after another in front of. She cares nothing of the impact it WILL make on her daughter.; This heartless, self-centered whore knew the man she was going afteras married for 37 years! She knew he had grown children older than her Éand grandchildrenÉn And she knew he has a brain diseaseÉ PDÉ Parkinsons É. and she KNEW I loved my husband, that I was devoted to him in every way. How did she know? I told her. I gave her my time to teach her the bible, and she asked me questions about my marriage and my husband. of course i didnt know she asked questions just so she could have a crack at his penis.; The Affair Ð my huband was diagnosed with PD and could no longer work. He started becoming confused and depressed. Finances were very bad as I have been disabled with Thoracic Neuropathy with chronic sever pain . Just to pay bills we were using our credit cards and we were getting in debt up to our eyeballs. So in September Hubby started doing carpentry jobs with a guy named Joel.n Joel is an ex-con. He was in jail for arson. He is a jerk and general all around loserÉ. Joel was Kathleens on and off f..k buddy. I did not know my husband knew he was her f..k buddy until after the affair. Unfortunatly my husband is gullible and became close friends with the jerk. Joel used my husband, He used him for a taxi, for tools he said were needed for jobs, used him and used him and used him. Joel used our carpentry tools which he was suppose to pay for. and he used my husband for a helper, which he was suppose to pay him for, guess what É we didnt see much green. I was very upset about this ÒfriendshipÓ and told my husband so. Of course there were tons of excuses and promises and ÒJoel said he will pay meÓ É. Or ÒJoel said when so and so pays me i will pay youÓ and so on. Joel was using him but I didnt know what else was going on. Joel would talk about Kathleen. Day after day he talked about her, complained about her, told Hohn intimate things about her.É At the same time, Joel started telling my husband that Kathleen liked him, because You and Kathleen are so much alikeÓ and ÒYou would be better for her than i amÓ. This went on day after day, during September and October. Meanwhile she began to text Gary. she would text him and ask him where Joel wasÉthen she would complain about Joel, and she played theÉ ÒIm so sweet that men treat men badlyÓ and Òall i ever wanted was a good man like youÓÉ..OH she played my husband for the fool! Of course the little ho knew older men just eat that sort of stuff up like ice-cream and cake. Truth is He was flattered to think she was coming onto him. he has told me over and over she came onto him,she started flirting with him. One time in late September he told me she had texted him and he read me the things she said, and what did i think he should tell herÉ i said Òdo not under any circumstance text her back, the questions she is asking you are wrong for her to ask and if you answer them, she will think she has your ear, and thats all a girl needs to thinkÉ.she can text me if she needs to. But she kept on texting him and he kept on receiving the texts.n He started keeping it a secret from me. he told himself, I was wrong about the sweet innocent girl, and where would it go anyway?!?É It was in October she began to text him a lot, but he still was not thinking it was a love/sexual thing on his part, I guess he thought he could help her and Joel in their stupid ÒrelationshipÓ.n Then November 26 she started texting in a flirtatious manor. He told me the first few were funny flirty textsÉand he accepted them, then she started to get personal in her flirtationsÉ.and he did not think it would lead into anything, then she got Òhot and heavyÓ , sending him porno pictures, pushing her way into his dopamined ÒupÓ mind!n then she pushed him to tell her how he felt about herÉ. And he thought, Òwell I guess Im attracted to herÓ!!n She went after him like a dried up tick!! Sucking the blood from him in every way she could. But he took the bait and went to see her and they kissed. Nothing more than that but she knew she had him. Everyday after that they were texting each other. He saw her in church and in supermarket parking lots, drugstore parking lots, and of course Texting and texting him all day long till he went to bed.n Then he started to think, hey my wife might see all the texts! So he got smart and started to Google Voice Text with her. (GVT does not show up on the monthly bill). 2 months after the first flirty texts they had sex, it was in the back seat of our car. How romanticÉ!!!! A few weeks later they had it again, this time in our home. They had sex twice.n I said to my husband, didnt the little whore want sex the first time you and she met? I mean she told you over and over she wanted you sexually, why did it take so long for you two to do the evil deed? All he could say was, Òwell, she didnt ask for it so I just never thought about itÉ.Ó I told him that means the ONLY reason she sexted you in the beginning was so she could make you think you wanted her, for if she really wanted you she would have jumped your bones the very first time you got together.n Men can be absolute idiots! Gary, my husband, the cheater- Gary is 57 , his work was very physically taxing, and he worked 6 days a week at it. EVERY Sunday, every Monday, every Tuesday, every Wednesday he was at the church. He also did the weekly bulletin, the website, the emails Én He was a deacon in our church and he did almost everything there. ,n Then he was diagnosed with Parkinsons ÒPDÓ about three years ago. . PD is different from Parkinsons, it effects his body but it also effects his brain functions. The meds he has to take are notorious for messing a persons mind up, they have been related to impulse control disorders (such as compulsive sexual activity and eating, and pathological gambling and the like).n Last summer he had been very depressed, unable to sleep, he was forgetting to eat, and had moments where he was confusedÉ this is in no way an excuse for his behavior. Just one of the reasons he became to even entertain the thought of this 28 year old nobody.n No longer able to work, he had to go on disability. Our income was suddenly cut in half. I did not mind, I said we will just sell the house and go live someplace we could afford, his pride got in the way and said NO, I will feel like a failure, then I said, well no problem, I will get a job, he said, NO, if you have to get a job I will feel like a failure, plus you are disabled too, so I said I will try to sell my paintings, but that means I have to spend time in my studio, he said ok to that! But that was one of the things he complained to the slut about!! I was spending to much time in the studioÉ; Look, this whore is a pro. She knows just how to work a man up into a lather then step back withholding the towel, just far enough to make him ask her for it.n She would tell him shit like. ÒI will take care of you!É And ÒI will take you to all your doctor appointmentsÓ É. Shes in her 20s! she has NO clue what it takes to be a caring person. No clue what real love is, but she knew it was the one thing he complained about me, so she told him she would take my place.n And he was stupid enough to believe her.; This is a sick, sick whoreÉ. She told my husband once, ÒI like men to look at me, I want men to want meÓ!; please read onÉ.; Valentimes day- I have to tell you about V-day. I had been in the hospital that week for chest pains when i came home my husband told me the ÒproblemsÓ poor little Kathleen had that week and he got me to feel sorry for her. So reluctantly i told him i would take her out sometime next week for a little chat, but he said it would be better to have her over for Saturday night Pizza dinner. well i forgot Saturday was Valentines day. little did i know that she was pushing him to invite her over for a Valentines romp in my house. So on Saturday night she came over and she brought her little girl. Remember ladies, I had no idea anything was going on. WE ate our pizza but i noticed her daughter didnt eat much. We all went and sat in the living room, but again i noticed her little girl was just laying listless on the couch. i tried to talk to Kathleen about her ÒproblemÓ but she seemed disinterested in anything i was saying. She was texting someone. I started telling Kathleen her daughter didnt look well, she said she was a little tired but she was fine. I looked over at my husband and he had the MacBook on his lap, it looked like he was playing a game or something.. I tried to talk to her but she just kept texting on her phone. I thought Òhow rude of herÓ. Then I noticed her daughter had bright red cheeks and was just laying there all limp, I said it looked like she might have a fever. She replied, shes fine, just tied out from the day. Well I didnt know it then but Kathleen and my Husband were texting each other, while i was right there in the same room! She even texted to Gary, ÒI think Rose wants me to leaveÓ to which he said ..Óno she doesntÓ but i did! her daughter looked very, very sick, and she did not care! (in fact her daughter did have a fever, she texted it to Gary later that night ).n It was more important to text and sext my husband in front of me than to care for her daughter. That is why i said that she is training her daughter to be a whore -home -wrecker just like mommy.n D-dayn It all ended Feb. 19th the day I found a little note he wrote to her and i knew he was cheating on me.n Once he fessed up, it broke the demon hold she had on him. He no longer wanted ANYTHING to do with her. as a matter of fact, he hates her, cant stand the very thought that he touched her. She is a Òvile witchÓ, that is what he says about her. He wishes he never met her and can now see how she played him.; Joel knew about the affair too, he was the one who started Gary on the adulterous journey. it was fun for him to make a Godly man fall. As long as she continued to spread her legs for Joel , He would do anything for it i.e. herÉ remember, he is an ex convict, in need of sex, even if he has to be dirty, he will take whatever he can get.; the EX con Joel, in order to understand what happened in the beginning you need to read about this guy named Joeln He had gotten out of prison and started coming out to our church. he was a mess to put it mildly. My husband ÒwasÓ a sucker for a hardship story and before i knew it they were palsÉ of course my husband did everything he could for the bastard, I even got involved helping him and looked to give him work around our house so he could make money. money we really didnt have to pay him with ÉÉ then Joel started to date Kathleen and it was love at first bite. he was 20 years older than her which suites her just fineÉshe likes older men, they are easy prey.; Since D-day we came to find out before the little home wrecker went after my husband she actively went after a married pastor, and a husband and wife É thats right she is bisexual. and who knows who else! since she started coming out to church she had 5 men in the span of 3 years, so she is an active little whore. On her home space page she has about three hundred men that followed herÉ About five femalesÉ She told my husband once, ÒI like men to look at me, I want men to want meÓ!; Bottom Line- she KNEW Gary was married for 37 years, she KNEW I adored himÉ she went after my husband, and she didnt care. So when this home wrecker is in your church, guard your older men that are disabled, guard your grandpopÉ; This slut thinks its fun to break up a marriage, and destroy a family.

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