This woman deliberately and knowingly screwed my husband while I was pregnant with our first child. They were coworkers on the graveyard shift. Kathy strate knew 100% that my husband was married with a child on the way. This disgusting piece of garbage had sex with my husband several times, WITHOUT any sort of protection. Not only did she demolish the love and respect I had for my husband but she put the health of myself and unborn child at severe risk. She carelessly exposed us to std’s that could of put my baby at risk. I had the opportunity to confront her, face to face. A woman her age (40) should own up to her mistakes and acknowledge her wrongdoing. Unfortunately she doesn’t have the decency to do that. She is an old ass whore who is a complete coward when confronted by the scorn wife. If anyone knows this woman or has seen this woman be aware. She is nothing more then a sperm dumpster. She screws married men, purposely exposing them to dangerous diseases. She holds no moral value of marriage and happily exposes the loving spouse of the man she got to pathetically screw her, to life long diseases.

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