Keith A. Fix should win an Academy Award for the role he played in our relationship. Keith A. Fix came off as mature for his age, a different kind of guy, an over achiever that was misunderstood and someone of a strong moral upbringing. It was all a lie! The signs were there in the beginning and I was blinded by his charms (and my love) to see through his act. I should have been smart enough to not believe him after the first time of him not coming home, where he really was. Out getting pounded by every Tom, Dick and Harry in Omaha. The final straw is when he finally struck out the third time. Keith A. Fix didnt come home after dropping me off, saying that he was first going to run to Wal-Mart to think, then later saying he was going to stay at his mothers. Little did the dumb ass know, I did a drive by his mothers apartment and Keiths car was not there. Then the next morning he told me in a TEXT that he didnt want to be in a relationship anymore. Then I made the decision to pack my belongings from his place and write him a letter, hoping that he would reconsider. But he didnt even want to talk or work it out. Great business ethics. Real smooth coming from a professional who tried everything to build himself an image. Lets face it Keith A. Fix. Your image is just as sharp as your stained/dirty clothes (that I would wash). Keith A. Fix youre a user. A lying little bastard that deserves everything bad that will come to you. I also love how you told me many of times how hurt you were by your abusive ex, how he ruined your life and you have a restraining order against him. Some restraining order! I saw him working over the Christmas holiday passing out cards for YOUR company! You hired him. I hope your God, mother and anyone else that you cling to in your life are very proud of you. You are a real piece of work. I see through you now. You flaky, lying, cheating, STD spreading, dirty clothes wearing, gambling little prick! I curse the day I met you and hope that someone, someday does you wrong like you did me.

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