Kelly Aldinger, 50, was sentenced this week to three to 23 months in Northampton County Prison. She must report to the prison Friday. This, after Aldinger was found by an Easton police officer on the afternoon of May 6 having sex with the then-17-year-old boy in Easton Cemetery, the news website reports, adding: Aldinger and her former student began having sex in 2015, though they initially met when the teen was in middle school, according to court documents. At the sentencing, her attorney sought leniency, saying Aldinger has breast cancer and a difficult marital relationship. And a tearful Aldinger appealed personally to the judge, saying: I made a huge mistake, she said. I hurt a lot of people. Im not proud of myself. I have relationships that will never be repaired. I have to live with that. Im a good person who did a bad thing. Watch your children around this woman.

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