So over the summer I find out my now soon to be ex husband John is having an affair with this stripper from flash dance named Kelly Hodak. They had hundreds and hundreds of messages between them, they hung out for a week while I was in Kentucky getting my sick Grandmother out of the hospital. Once I found out he cried and said he would stop, but he continued to see her. So I confronted her, and she lied to me and said when she found out he was married she stopped seeing him. Even though when I retrieved all the deleted text messages off his phone, there was one from her from early June saying, I know you got your baby momma, and I dont wanna be a home-wrecker, cause I dont know yalls situation, but I do really like you . So yeah, she knew he wasnt single, and she didnt care. They were still sleeping around in August when i finally confronted her about it, and she only lied cause i was on public facebook bashing her and her own friends were deleting her, probably the married ones who were like fuck no! lol Oh and just so yall know, shes an extra dirty bitch, started sleeping with my husband, in may, right after her boyfriend got diagnosed with cancer, so she was cheating on him with my husband while her man was in chemo. Just the low low scum of the earth this one!

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