I cant hold this in any longer. This ÷woman : ÷A FREE prostitute, has needlessly destroyed so much. My close friend has gone through hell and it just Fucking not fair. Kelly nudged into existence and encouraged keeping up the illicit relationship. My friends husband has since realized that beneath all his serious trauma of childhood,Kelly KNEW this couple had small children, but apparently that is not where her attention ought to have been. She knew they had little kids and still went if her way to encourage the adultery, but Im still angry. I can see that hes working hard to repair this, but still ..nearly one one hundred texts were discovered when my friend discovered this mess. Nearly one hundred over the course of one day .less than 12 hours. Thats a f*ckload of messages for one freaking day. My friend is going through the torment of the fallout if all this, but also of learning that her husband has so many wounds from the past that he needs to heal from in order to be a balanced partner. Ugh . any way, she pretends to care about animal rights, but regarding kids, she is happy to slit theyre throats. Which is essentially what shes doing, working to destroy the family. And yes, yes, YES, It is understood that he has ownership in this bullshit too. Bit at lease he is owning up to this. But she is just sailing along. Seems like tho only suffering she gets is the punishment of being around HERSELF for her entire life. Might just be fitting. Punishment, given the ugly things shes done.

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