This woman worked with my husband of 9 years. She began having an affair with him while her youngest child was less than 2 years old. (She has 4 older children as well) She was 20 years older than me, 10 years older than him but was willing do do literally anything, any time. They would hook up after everyone else left work. hey would hook up at our apartment while I was a night classes. Within weeks she was saying things like Im so afraid to lose you, Ive never felt like this before and he was calling her by both nicknames he used for me. I guess that helped him not get confused as to which one of us he was fucking at the time. I only found out after her husband, Russell Cowsert, discovered their texts and messaged me on FB to let me know. I left my cheating scum husband in the past, but last I heard she had convinced her husband to stay together for the kids . And this is all after I heard that she had fucking her boos at another job (ruining a 7 year long term relationship.) Dont trust this skank around your man .shes so desperate for attention that she will fuck anyone in any situation.

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