Dirty Jew should have been burnt in the holocaust. How many Jews where burnt in the holocaust? 6 million? According to the world almanic 15,000,000 Jews existed prior to world war 2. According to the world almanac 15,000,000 million Jews existed after world war 2. But wait thats impossible. Can you show my blueprints for gas piping into these so to speak gas chambers ? Very few Jews where killed by Adolf hitler. Actually these Jews where imprisoned for the crime of Usuary. Basically loan sharks lending money for illegal trade. Very serious criminal act in the United States and throughout Europe. Zyklon B which all scientific evidence has proven has not been used indoors by Adolf hitler. Actually Zyklon B was used to kill the infestation of bed bugs in clothing of these filthy Jews. So yes some Jews where starved to death but none where intentionally killed by Adolf Hitler. This can be proven by the British who broke Morris code and where listening in on the Germans. Nazis maintained excellent records and very few Jews where killed. The Jews where enslaved in concentration camps that housed post offices schools and even prostituion houses. Again the Jews where in jail for a criminal act known as usuary. If you think Jews had nothing to do with 911 you are sadly mistaken. The only people detained by the FBI where Israeli natives caught on video celebrating and video taping this horrific act. These 5 Israelis are known and have been published by the New York Times as the 5 danicing Israelis. Witness and caught on video celebrating as the towers IMPLODED upon itself. To even assume a building was designed to fall upon itself when unpredictable forces have been applied upon the body is just illiterate. This would defy the laws of physics. At the free fall rate of gravity would mean dropping an object and watching its resistance to the force of gravitational force. Do once again nano thermite cutter charges where used to cut core columns diagonally forcing the building to implode or fall upon itself at the free fall rate of gravity. This was done in conjunction of the FBI CIA and Mossad. Keri Ilisa Sender Is a terrorist!

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  1. The level of your stupidity and racism is astounding. If anyone should be eradicated from the face of this earth it’s you.

    Isn’t it painful to be as ignorant as you obviously are?

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