Ladies and gentlemen, did you know in some states you can sue someone who slept with your spouse? Alienation of affection! Kristen Kessell is the home wrecker that slept with my husband knowing he is married and has kids at home. (That is a pic of her with my husband while we are still married and before he asked for a divorce) She has even met my kids because we are all in the same circle of friends. Shes tried at least twice before to break up other relationships. My husband has moved out and filed for divorce. Leaving me, a stay at home Mom of 13 years to figure out how to get a job, afford daycare and try to keep our house so our kids dont have to lose their home as well. Its sad when youre married and you have to get tested for stds because you checked the browser history on the computer and found several searches about erectile disfunction after chlamydia! Thankfully Im good but they deserve it if they have it! Karma is a Bitch! Just remember home wrecker, every bad thing that comes your way is karma! I cant wait to watch you fall!!!

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