Kristina Jovanovic will sleep with your boyfriend. Watch this lady around your men. Kristina Jovanovic was born on December 17th, 1992, Kristina Jovanovic comes from Serbian and Scottish mixed background. Being the eldest daughter with one younger brother, and two step-siblings Kristina has always considered herself as a leader and a role model. She is often described as outgoing, funny and kind-hearted. Kristina is hard working and strives every day to be the best that she can be. Growing up, Kristina would cut out modeling ads from the newspaper and clip them to the fridge in hopes of one day becoming a model. Ms. Jovanovic was scouted on several occasions as a teenager but at the time her parents did not believe that it was in her best interest. Kristinas modeling career began in late 2011 after a photographer friend of hers asked her if she could fill in at a photo shoot for a local t-shirt brand. She has grown as both a model and as an individual over the years. Since then, Kristinas face has graced the pages of several magazines, her most exciting accomplishment being her 7 page spread in Playboy Hrvatska. Kristina has played lead roles in commercials, and she has walked in several fashion shows (one of which she organized herself). Modeling is one of Kristinas truest passions and she considers herself blessed to have met and worked with such talented people within the industry. She is excited to see what the future holds for her career as she is pushing every day to be better than the day before. [email protected]

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