Nothing special about this whore, just in it for $ and whatever else she can get out of you. This cunt will fuck anybody if she can benefit from it. Spent 10 years with this hood rat and recently found out about all the lies she had been telling me the whole time. She has 3 kids with 3 different guys, lives off of the child support, always claims to be a victim and to have no money. She’s a professional ho and she has cash in secret accounts. Don’t trust this Slut on ANYTHING. SHE IS FULL OF SHIT AND CUM

One thought on “Kristina Leigh Horn of Surprise AZ / Hacienda Heights & Huntington Beach CA

  1. This Ho thinks shes smart but she got played by a meth head that was locked up in nevada for 10 years. He had her and 2 other women strung along and this moron was planning on running off with him! Karma is a bitch. Happy house hunting hood rat! BTW She likes to pretend shes pregnant and fake having miscarriages to get sympathy….. This bitch is a broken record.. I bet my life she will be using the same routine soon if she isn’t already.

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