This girl was supposed to be my best friend. I let her move in with us to be a full time babysitter to our son. She played the lesbian card so I thought I had nothing to worry about.

After having our daughter 3 years later she moved out and in with her new boyfriend. I thought I convienced her to give this guy a chance. Maybe he would change her mind about men. Well I left my bf and got my own place. But a couple months later we got back together. Next thing I know her never by broke up and sense she had his baby she moved in with her mother next door to us. She was still my best friend. We were always together. She then started staying with us again. Me n my bf started having problems. She moved into her own apt when I need up leaving him again. I was on her computer one day and found a picture,of him in only his underwear laying on our bed. I flipped out. Confronted him and her they both denied it. Me n him decide we were going to try and work things out. That didn’t last long as I knew they were sleeping together. So I called It off. Next thing I know she is pregnant and the time line is a month before we split up. The baby comes out n looks just like my kids but they swear it’s not his. Fast forward two years. He goes to jail and asks me to go get all his stuff from the motel and job site. So I did. Next thing I know his,phone starts going off. Its her and she is in the hospital having a misscarriage with his baby.. So moral of the story don’t believe their lives and always trust you gut instincts. And watch out for her in hastings. Cuz if someone drugs sh3 will do anything to get some.


Hastings, Massachusetts

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