Lauren Ashton Brower, Augusta, Georgia, a registered cheater in The registry entry for Lauren Ashton Brower, Augusta, Georgia is as follows: This repeated criminal woman met my husband at Zaxabys where she came on to him he told her he was married and she insisted that he still take her number. she complemented him and told he look good with braces and that he looked younger than his age. her being 26 and he being 36 he was flattered. well while I was away on a trip with kids he decided to call her and on our anniversary he slept the sank she invited him over. then she went to bathroom took off all her clothes and as him to bring her beer he came in to his surprise hoe butt naked ready to fuck. well I come home dont suspect a thing mean while stalker girl has gotten herself a job where he works he had told her in past conversation only knowing her for two days she gets hired which now he sleeps with her two more times only knowing the slut 3weeks now. I get suspicious of his behavior and see her leave a kiss face emoji on a text we argue he says she is someone wanting to by his car he is selling Im not buying it I call her she says this to. so I let it go.; Well Dec 8 2015 discovery day she wants to come clean and extort for the car and when he refuses to give it to her the whore with a motive wants to tell me the truth so she facebook me to call her I did and she told me about the three times they had sex in a 3week period where I find out he took her to a real hoe motel that rents by the hour. she didnt care she was destroying my marriage neither did he but as woman she has no value she only was out to get something he could had aids or she could he did where a condom but slut didnt stop there she kept calling stalking. the job she had go to get close to him she got fired for stealing. but wait thats not it she gets so high she called him begging for 200 dollars he told to ask the other men she was fucking she got mad and she sought revenge this whore came up to the old job because she new his shift and worked with him and sliced his car tires on the car she wanted him to give her busted the windows and poured sugar in the tank if anyone ever come across this homewrecking whore hide your husbands or beat her ass if not she try find another man and prey on her number is 706-829-859 she lives at 3326 lyles st Columbia sc 29201 she is a bartenteder at apple bees in Columbia sc on bush river road and if you google the whore she was just in accident in Columbia a hit a run where she stole a mans car she was living with and stole his money and injured some people she reckless I tell you and I feel vindicated to tell her story of how she tried to fuck me over with my husband but I won here. See the devil came white as snow tempting my man. my husband is better man now he gave his life over to Christ and repented. I will never be okay with what he did and he knows that but I know the devil and he sends his people in all types of forms and when those men dont know or fear God they can be tempted to all the evil tricks of the devil and lauren ashton brower is a devil and I say I rebuke that devil and I pray god show mercy cause you know she going to keep screwing over men so men and women in this area be careful she is not of God and next time she may have a disease.

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