I thought I found a real good man. We had met on POF, Plenty of Fish. We also were intimate right away. I fell in love with him and told him so. I wanted to see where his head was at because he claimed he couldnt delete his POF profile then the second excuse he had his profile on POF was just in case I left him. I thought, no biggie, I trust him. What a fool I was. I created a fake profile and messaged him asking him if he was dating anyone special at the moment. He responded to the fake profile and said no. I almost had my girlfriend call him and talk with him on the phone while I was listening but I was so angry, hurt and upset because we were intimate the day before. He claims to be a Christian man too. Shame on this CHEATER! LaVern Bentley is been BUSTED! So gals on POF, watch this scum bag cheater!

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