I was in a committed relationship with my ex for almost 7 years and have 3 kids together. We were going through a rough patch where we were both feeling disconnected stressed and exhausted from daily life. Leah worked for him until he relocated to be the GM of a different store in the chain. One day she is coincidently having lunch at his new store and through conversation comes to find out he will be downtown that night for a basketball game with the other GMs of the chain and they decide they should meet up after. All while IÕm at home taking care of our 3 young children. Of course they drink everyone else leaves and the only two left at the bar are these two fools and they end up hooking up. IÕm unclear to what extent hook up means or any significant details because both of them are cowards and liars and wonÕt tell me everything. This turns into significant texting through my birthday our anneversary Christmas and ValentineÕs Day for the next 6 months which I was completely oblivious to until I one night I strangely felt an urge to look through his phone (which I had never done before) after we had gotten in an argument because he had once again gotten drunk while I was at work and he was watching the kids. I find text messages from earlier in the night saying Òbabe I miss you so much I would wife you up i think youÕre it IÕd take care of you annual face sitting appointment please Ó É You get the point. These mentioned all from her with him going along with it. He denied it at first even after I said I saw his phone she tells me sheÕs sorry if I feel hurt from the ÒRUMORSÓ. Rumors?!? No bitch. I saw with my own eyes your skank ass text messages. I did approach her very level headed no name calling non threatning etc and gave her a chance to come clean and not only was she a coward about it but she actually called me immature told me to grow up and asked me to stop the drama. Let me reiterate that. The home wrecking whore who knew he was in a relationship and had 3 kids with me told me that I was immature and had to grow up and stop the dramaÉ On what planet does this bitch live that she doesnÕt see her part in any of this?? Claiming she has nothing to do with me and him. Now I am not naive. Both parties are to blame. He is just as much at fault if not more. He got the brunt of it. She got several text messages of me telling her I hope you carry the guilt of tearing apart a family for the rest of your lifeÉ I hope when you get married and have kids of your own that your man cheats on you with some whore who you know and then pretends like she had nothing to do with it when she rips apart your familyÉ I hope you are so embarrassed and shameful about what happened that you donÕt even want to show your face around any of our mutual friends. She is a worthless piece of trash and deserves nothing short of karma. Both losers do. Hope he remembers her when he receives his first child support payment.

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