Linda Ortiz is a disgraceful ***** . She defines a ***** ER FACE…. she looks good far away but up close evrything is pretty, BUT HER FACE! I have never met her but

I already cannot stand the sight of her ***** er face yellow buck tooth photos posted on facebook. I found out that my husband of 13 years has been texting her explicitly for the past two. He confessed to me when I had been confronting him periodically for his behavior. Linda who lives all the way in northern california has been sending various videos of herself to him masterbating and shirtless. My husband who is 54 years old is not a looker by any means and the fact that this ***** ty girl gets off on sending men pictures disgusts me. I have also found out that on several occasions he has sent her money. THIS W ***** ADVERTISES HERSELF ON YOUTUBE AND VARIOUS ***** WEBSTES LIKE We had my mother living with us during her last years and we struggled to pay the daily bills ***** ociated with such an acomadation. hat sickens me is I found out he sent her over 2700 dollars in a 3 week period during these stressful times. What kind of woman pros ***** ues herself with pictures. and tells a man that his wife a sick fat hog. If you look on face book it looks like linda is married as well. Who knows though maybe her husand enjoys her being a ***** . He is probably a perverted s ***** bag like her.


Oakley, California

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