Lisa Doolin Mesa/Maricopa, Arizona, a registered cheater in The registry entry for Lisa Doolin Mesa/Maricopa, Arizona is as follows: Let me start off by saying that I believe a cheating man is just as much a homewrecker as the ho he cheated with. This story demonstrates both. My husband and I had been married for just over 21 years. It wasnt the perfect Ômovie romance marriage, but it worked for us. So I thought. Looking back I now see that there were signs that I ignored. We were married at 19, had our daughter when I was 21 and our son at 23. We struggled financially, but always seemed to make it work. When my kids were 1 _ and 3 _ he cheated on me with a neighbor. We were separated 2 months before we started reconciling. Another 5 months and we were back together. It took me a while to fully trust him again, but I did. He had me, and everyone who knew us, convinced that he was so in love with me and would never be the kind of guy to hurt like me like that again. Skip ahead 16 years. I will try to keep this short, even though it is a very long story. This is not even close to all of what happened.; My husband had never really been a social person, so when he started hanging out with a friend he used to work with I was kind of excited for him. I always thought he needed to get out once in a while on his own. Over the next several months he is going to the casino to play poker with ÔJoey, even though we were very strapped I always found a way for him to have the money to go. There was a weekend when he said he needed to go to Payson with Joey to help his brother move. Again, I found a way for him to have some extra cash for the casino, or whatever else he may want to do. I told him I would miss him and then he left with Joey for the weekend. Throughout that time he was texting me telling me he missed me and couldnt wait to get home to see me.; In early September he told me he was unhappy so I told him to leave. He blew up my phone that whole night telling me he was sorry, he loved me, he knew I was his one true love the minute he kissed me, blah blah blah. I told him he could come home only if he was 100% committed to our marriage and making it work. If he needed more time, I would understand. He came home that night. Skip ahead a few weeks and I discover he has been texting and calling the same number 8000+ times and 761 minutes worth, in one month! I ask him about it and he tells me it is a lady named ÒTuesdayÓ (as in C U Next TuesdayÉnot her real name but I refuse to say her name). He then tells me not to worry, remember; he works with a bunch of women, and then changes the subject. When I look into in more detail I notice he has been talking with her from 330am throughout the day until right before I come home from my second job at night. I print out the log of texts and calls, throw it at him, and tell him to leave. He tells me it is a woman he used to work with years ago and they just reconnected at a get together he recently went to with old work people, they are just friends and that he has not even tried to see her since the one and only time they met. I called her the next day and asked her what her intentions were with my husband. She said they are just friends and that she is no position to be in a relationship. (She is still technically married, separated almost two years) I tell her I love my husband, I want my marriage to work and that she needs to leave my husband alone. She cannot understand why I am upset about my husband spending so much time talking to another woman. Should have been my first clue that is she is a desperate, messed up bitch! That night he tells me he told her he cant talk to her anymore. SHE messages HIM the next day.; Over the next several months my husband leads me to believe that we are working towards reconciliation. He has me convinced that he wants to be with me, he just needs to work through his depression. He used to tell me that he was going on walks at night to help with his depression. He said ÔI think of it as walking my way back to you. I buy it all. Then, in January he tells me he loves me, and then three days later tells me he doesnt think we have a future together. I am devastated. I start to move on the best I can. I even had a transfer out of state lined up with my job. It was all but a done deal. Then, one night, he tells me he loves me, he doesnt want me to leave, he wants to do marriage counseling. I asked him if he was sure, because if I cancel the transfer there is no going back. He said he, he was sure. He had broken it off with her. So, like a dumbass, I believe him and tell my boss that now is not a good time to transfer out of state. The very next day he tells me he has changed his mind!! Really!?; So, I call up the HO and we talk for quite a while comparing stories. We discover many lies he has told both of us. Like, HE left ME and hasnt been with me since (major lies), he cancelled plans with her using our kids as the excuse when in reality he was spending time with me, he told me he was alone at times when he was with her. We also discussed lines that he had been feeding both of us, like, I cant do this without you, I want there to be an Ôus at the end of all this, etc. He played both of us. Then he got mad at me for calling her because now she wont take him back. Yeah, right. She took him back two days later. Turns out, she knew all along that he was married. As a matter of fact, there was no ÔJoey. It was always HER he was with. She drove 45 minutes one way to pick him up from OUR apartment while me and my kids were there, took him back to her house, and spent the weekend with him. Then drove him 45 minutes back to our apartment. When he said he was going to the casino to play poker, he was really going to her house to play Poke-Her. And now, he had just ruined my chance at a clean break and fresh start, but was mad at me for talking to her. Wow. He pulled this kind of stuff two more times before our divorce was final and once after. He kept playing with my head, letting me believe there was still hope for our marriage. He continued to lie to both of us. I have 24 total years history with this man, I have an excuse for wanting things to work out; she has been with him less than a year at this point, what is her excuse?; Now, it has been just over a year and a half since all of this started, and almost a year since the divorce has been final. They are still together. How is that possible? Their relationship is based on lies, deceit and betrayal. How is it that he is allowed to be Ôhappy when me and the kids are still struggling day in and day out? Our lives are getting better, dont get me wrong. But when is he going to pay for what he did to us. He hurt my kids more than he will ever know. Not just the breakup, but how he was with them over the years as well. He spends most nights at the HOs house, and lives with his mommy and daddy on his weekdays off. He has no real responsibilities other than going to work and playing house with the HO. Where is the justice? Where is Karma? And why, after all that he has put us through do I still care? When does the hurt go away? I am very close to the family, they are like my own, and I cannot break away from that. Now, I have to see them together?! Its like a slap in the face every time I see them. What kind of man does that to a woman who loved him throughout everything we went through? A lying, cheating, betraying coward! What kind of woman does that to another woman? A sad, desperate, lonely bitch!; Ladies, always trust your gut. I wish I had. I couldve reduced the pain if I had.; Everyone tells me I am doing great. I am strong. You are better off. The pain will lessen over time. I dont feel that way many days. When does it get better? When do they get what they deserve?

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