Lisa M Anderson San Antonio, Texas, a registered cheater in The registry entry for Lisa M Anderson San Antonio, Texas is as follows: Ive been in relationship for about 15 months with a 48 year guy who has a severe case of Narcissistic Personality Disorder. NPD is the Inability to feel Compassion, Empathy, And Love. It forbids the ability to form emotional attachment. Basically the person is plainly without a soul. They do Feel but its only by what they are affect by directly, or if they are insulted (which Everything is considered an insult by them, creating Narcissistic Injury). They live in the here and now moment only. Sex is love to them. They are cruel, insensitive, disrespectful, humiliating. And some are to the extremes of sadistic, They are mean, honestly loathe woman deep down and live their lives to punish them with torment and cruelties. They are very difficult to detach yourself from even though its clearly and plain to acknowledge the debilitating destruction they cause to the soul and lives of the partner. Usually professional help and counseling is required to get out of such a nightmarish web. With that being said, heres my story.; I am a professional Massage Therapist. I work from home and at the time I met Jim Seabolt, I was doing house calls. He was the 1st call of the night and wanted me immediately. So I headed to his home only 15 minutes away. Im legally blind so I dont drive anymore so my roommate gave me a ride to drop me off for the hour of therapy. He lived in a nice home in a nice neighborhood that I had also lived in for 12 years. I fell in love with Jim from the moment he opened his door. Before I even saw him clearly, I Felt him. He was my soul mate, I couldnt have been more sure. I called him the next morning to tell him I had a dream about him. Two days later I had spent the day and night with him, as well as the next 4 nights. We were like peanut butter and jelly mixed in a jar. Ive never felt as one with anyone like I did Jim. The 5th day was the all time clue of the hellish nightmare I had no clue that I was ahead for over the next year. I got a call from Jim saying good morning as he had done every morning since meeting. It was refreshing to the soul to wake up to. The conversation was anything but what I could have ever expected. He made a comment that I had a little bit of money in my pocket since I had worked last night, which means I spent it at my house instead of with him at his. When I sheepishly said with humor that I did have money for a minute, he boiled over with authoritarian anger in his voice before I even finished with my sentence. He scolded me like a father would a teenager who spent his cap and gown money on fast food or something. It almost shocked the phone right out of my hand. I was so caught off guard that honestly I dont remember the chaos that was flying thru my mind at the time. I was so caught off guard that I wrote that off as I must have imagined that whole incident. He still came over for lunch to my house as planned and I was distant with hurt feelings. Thinking that he would apologize or something. Instead he started again with firmness and holding his position as he realistically believed that he was given the authority over me. I thought hed come get me after work as he had done for the last week. But I didnt hear anything from him and had to call him about 6pm, an hour after he got off. He said NO he had no Plans on picking me up and sounded like we had discussed it already and maybe I had forgotten the conversation. Thats how he was acting. I was confused. Usually when 2 people get together and are like 2 kids in love diggin on each other and theres any kind of disagreement or hurt theres usually a make up period. Instead he said he had a poker game with his brother and said and acted so matter of fact as if it were knowledge to me and had been planned previously. Thats the 1st I heard about it. He did a complete 360 on me and was acting like the days that we spent were non existant. I was so utterly dumbfounded confused to a point I questioned my mental capacities for a moment and wondered if I had maybe blacked out or injured myself without knowledge leaving me with some temporary amnesia. I really was.; That was the beginning of the roller coaster Hellish Nightmare that only got 1000 times more intense, cruel, jaw dropping unspeakably worse. That should have been all that I needed to RUN!; Im not going to go into detail as its still and always will be embarrassing to me and angers me to no ends by telling the story and I didnt leave. I kept returning. The informative websites describe the crippling and sometimes fatal lives of the Narcissistic Supply that gets the life sucked from them by the Narcissist. Its like being restrained and having your organs removed ever so careful so to keep you alive while doing so. Its that painfully debilitating. And is completely not understood nor can or will be understood unless you have personally gone through it yourself. And those that read this and have been there know exactly what Im saying. Its almost an invisible hell on earth that a person looking straight at you cant see the flames and torment all around. Its the closest thing that is in existence here on earth that could describe Hell of the afterlife.; The Cheating.; I suspected from that 5th day, hence the changed plans with the Òpoker gameÓ Long story short. He has a herim of about 5 people, male and female that he frequents very sneaky during work hours and Òruns to the storeÓ kicking me out every 3 weeks onto the driveway with only an hour to maybe up to 5 hours of notice without any warning in sight. Just out of the blue. Usually with no money, no phone, no one to call, and no where to go. And he wanted me gone off his driveway with all my 5 suitcases that were thrown together in an hours time. I would be in panic stricken panic attacks that I would have sworn were heart attacks. I also have a 10 year old dachshund. He threw us out when it was 30 below freezing last winter on his lunch hour and made it back before being late. NO clue or notice that it was coming. I had no jacket my dog was 1 week from giving birth to his dogs puppies. and the same no one to call, no where to go and no money. Hes soulless.; Since July 17th is when I noticed he was having contact with one of his recycled ÒSuppliesÓ She was a previous ex, booty call. Shes a prostitute, Thats her living. I stayed the last time for the 7th time moving in in a year and it was my final time to myself only to make and save money for a home for me and Ginger. We lived in and out of Hotels for that last year because of this chaos. I was really getting tired and numb without any kind of emotion good or bad. He planned a vacation with his parents and his 2 preteen children and kicked me out again with 5 hours notice saying hes leaving and is busy to Get Out. He goes from his fake Òlovey personalityÓ because he wants something to demon spawn in a matter of a minute, with hatred in his eyes and voice to leave now. Its pretty scarey. I thought I was prepared but the human brain never can fully prepare and be okay in a situation where your soul takes a pounding not know to man. By the grace of my dear Lord things happened and fell together so quickly and perfectly that I cant even recall. I was locked in his garage for 12 hour without a restroom to use or food to eat the night before I left that morning. I got a call from a guy needing a roommate and in 30 seconds it was agreed and he came and picked me up.; The Best human being the world has the pleasure of having. I almost thought God sent Jesus back to Earth for the end. lol. honestly.; The new Bitch he was talking to everyday, at lunch, good morning messages, after work. He was basically in a relationship. I was still attached by my heart somehow. I cant explain like the sites can. He would yell at me for ÒaccusingÓ him of cheating. So I had had enough. I hacked into Every account besides his bank accounts that he owned. And I saved every stick of incriminating evidence all the way back to a when we met. I had done this before a couple times but he would deny and kick me out and we would talk like 3 weeks later not mentioning it again. it was a vicious cycle. But this time it was a cheating it was a full fledged relationship right in the middle of ours. like I was literally blinded with darkness.; I sent the bitch a text saying hey woman to woman Jim has a girlfriend and Ive been at this relationship with him for over a year please dont enable him in cheating. Thinking shes a woman, shell understand as we have all been there on both sides of the tracks. But NO she ignored me and kept on with him. He caught her mesmerized stupid too as he has with every bitch hes ever sucked in for 40 years. She claimed stake as if that was her territory and I was the trespasser. So he laid it on thick and fast making her feel that she was entitled to him as hers. He even defended her to me verbally attacking me to leave her alone. That was the final straw for me of disrespect. He was making a humiliating joke out of my love for him and my torment of frustration and feeling betrayed confused and Angry. It was for his audience of that new old bitch. And they are always Prostitutes from craigslist, almost 50 years old and look at least a decade older than that. I am 39, have a very attractive figure and used to be before I met him, very composed as a lady would be. A sexy definition of a lady. It dawned on me that he doesnt want class he wants the trashiest low class scum that he could scrape of of the bottom of the dumpster.; Ive been in the shoes of the unknowing woman with the taken cheating man. I backed off without hesitation upon the call from the wife/girlfriend. Didnt get resistance from me. besides, who wants a cheating piece of crap anyway? They go into the relationship the same way they go out of one. its a cycle, once a cheater always a cheater, only a cheater.; So I pulled up all her dirt and if she wants to flaunt how lowly and trashy her lack of integrity holds shes got it. She doesnt like it. but hey I keep replying back to her that Òyou should have backed off my territory of unfinished business before you stuck your snatch into itÓ she would have had him anyway as I was on my way out permanently getting settled in my new place and very peaceful and happy. but she wanted to be a disrespectful stupid bitch and get in the mix. She saw and heard how he treated me and talked to me and about me and she thinks shes special and she wont be in those shoes here in a couple months. Shes definitely dumber than I even gave her credit for being. She had like 5 or 6 DUIs, many many arrests for prostitution and other idiot acts, over a few year period. And she has kids and is 45 years old. What the Hell is wrong with people?; Thank you for allowing the space and time for me to vent and share my store as it does make me feel better and is a progression to my healing. Thank you.

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