Lisa Maloney Atlanta, Georgia aka Lisa Balkcum aka Cuntface trys to protray herself as a good christian girl. What you do not know is that she screws around with married men all the time.I am here to warn the public about a good, Christian girl that screws around with married men during her work day. Decided that she would strike up a sexual relationship with one of her clients (GO, COLLIERS INTL) who just so happened to have a 4 and 5 yr old at home as well as a pregnant wife (me). I contacted her via Facebook Msg to ask her to leave my husband alone, to which she PROMISED me I would never hear from her again. She said she was not that kind of person (LMAOOOOOO)! Fast forward a few mths, I confronted her and my husband again and the whole thing ended. This was not before she attempted to move on to another client/coworker who was engaged and had a 6mth old daughter. Yes, folks this is real life. And she wonders why she is almost 40 with no husband/kids. All I can pray is that she doesnt hurt any other families like she did mine. We recovered and are stronger than ever, but many couples would have crumbled. Shame on her for hiding behind the Lords name and her job title.

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