Couple married 8 years and have 3 kids which are all younger then 5 and two of them have disabilities Wife is also battling ovarian cancer… Lori Gonzalez with no family morals, pursued the husband who she works with at the fairmont orchid in Hawaii until she was able to get him to lie to his family and go to her place and would have sex with him and then talk bad about the wife and kids with him after without a care for the family she was destroying. Lori Gonzalez knew that two of the kids were disabled which has now left the kids homeless and in therapy and making the mother of 3 a single mom who had to leave her 3 jobs and move the kids to get therapy and support for this devastation brought onto their poor young lives not only did Lori know she was breaking up a home and family but she also claims to not care and chose to continue to have sex with him just a couple of streets away from where the family lived and continued it also asking him to leave his family for her. When he didn’t want to she still will text him and Persue him to lie and cheat on his family again. she doesn’t want anyone to know, but her actions with a married man are embarrassing to her family as well as our community and don’t get me wrong the man is just as much at fault and to blame but she could have made her own choice to be a strong Texas woman with good family morals instead she chose to leave 3 kids to grow up with out a father that she was sleeping with for months…

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