Lori McFadden, Roseburg, Oregon, a registered cheater in cheatersregistry.com. The registry entry for Lori McFadden, Roseburg, Oregon is as follows: This bitch. Is disgusting. She will f*ck anything. She spreads dieases. She runs around with a bag of dope to tempt any willing man to be with her married or not. I was with this lying butch for far to long. She is now with a man who was married at the time and she used her bag to bribe him away so he to could climb the dope ladder and be a bag bitch. Dont trust this skank ever. She will steal, lie, fuck anyone over to benefit herself. No remorse. No worry for broken hearts or families. As long as she feels desired and wanted. She spreads her legs anywhere anytime. A race trading lying bitch. Beware.

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