Lori Neves, previously married as Lori Moniz (Divorced because she CHEATED on her husband, with whom she had two children, MULTIPLE times), is a SERIAL HOME-WRECKER! Her signature move is giving MARRIED men secret cell phones. She doest care if they have kids or not! Hell, she screwed a married man while his wife was pregnant! This piece of trash is part of the Taunton Police Department and has screwed her way through half the department! She sends nude photos with toys the size of telephone poles. But hey, Id have to be jump started like a lawn mower too if I was going to screw someone else husband. Lets not forget about the anal beads so big you could string them on your christmas tree! Heres her Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lorinevesmoniz?fref=ts Give her a call! Dont bother if you arent married, she wont be interested! 774-259-4131

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