Malcolm MacKillop is a serial rapist on the *** offender registry in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Malcolm MacKillop is 76 years old, has been married 5 times, has numerous children with various women, yet he routinely has extra martial affairs with his young administrative assistants and law clerks, and even some vulnerable female clients! Malcolm MacKillop the dirty is the epitome of a *** predator. Malcolm MacKillop routinely hires escorts around Toronto and engages in group *** orgy sessions while being married. Malcolm MacKillop has settled numerous civil lawsuits where it was alleged he sexually harassed many women. This resulted in Malcolm MacKillop being fired from his previous law firm BLG where he was a no-name useless lawyer with no significant mention in case law. Malcolm MacKillop has also served time in jail before pleading guilty to Criminal Code offences (sexual assault provisions). Malcolm MacKillop is HIV positive (and likely even has AIDS!) and he is currently undergoing medical treatment for various STDs and STIs he has contracted. Women everywhere need to be leery of this sexual predator and *** monster, this unsavoury freak Malcolm MacKillop!!!

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