It seems that idiocy and stupidity go together and this is especially the case with the dunce named Marisa Sanghani who is from the island country of Trinidad and Tobago in the West Indies (one of the islands in the Caribbean). What makes her a truly glorified idiot and a totally stupid individual and imbecile is that she glorifies the irresponsibility of Vanita Dalipram (also known as Vanita K. Dalipram) who clearly was irresponsible when she took nude or naked pictures of herself and sent it to someone where it was later posted on the internet without her permission. It was a crime to do this but what was even more despicable was Marisa Sanghanis ridiculous posting stating that a woman like this should not receive blame for what she deliberately did in taking naked photos of herself which she sent to a person and which later on got posted on the internet. Marisa Sanghanis obnoxious and idiotic thinking are part of an imbecilic false ideology or belief system about freedom (which is part and parcel of the dumb and senseless greatly Westernized elitist thinking found in the county of Trinidad and Tobago). Freedom does not mean that one is free to do what one wants in an irresponsible fashion and way and if they do such they are not operating with true freedom but with complete recklessness. if the consequences of recklessness come with such an individual being exposed or revealed as guilty then such is what should occur as part of this being the fruit that is reaped from recklessness. It is for Marisa Sanghanis endorsement of this completely stupid and false ideology of freedom which is complete and total nonsense that she must be exposed for the ridiculousness and rubbish that she indeed perpetrates as a whole.

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