I met Matt online in 2013 while looking for my husbands Ashley Madison account. I had no intention of having an affair with him, therefore in the beginning he was probably more honest about his history than with previous lovers. He told me about several affairs hed had during his marriage. They were all with married women who felt unappreciated. He preys on lonely wives; making them feel attractive and wanted, but really its just his way of boosting his ego. I fell for his charm and we had an affair that lasted about six months. It ended when he texted me one morning that his wife, Marie, had discovered he had been texting another woman (not me). He admitted he was looking for someone new because I was separated from my husband so I had become a risk. I will say that he seemed to genuinely care for his kids, though he certainly didnt set a good example for his daughter of the type of man hed want her to date. If you do ever cross paths with Matt, he likes to have his prostate stimulated. He does freelance work, graphics design and 3D modeling. He also works for the Engility corporation (they have various military contracts). Sometime in the first half of 2016 he and his wife split. I suspect she found him cheating again as she removed all signs of his existence from her social media. As of June, 2016 his relationship with a woman named Ella became facebook official. He told me once that even though hes gone a few years between affairs, that he knows he could never resist the urge forever. Email from 2013: The year was 2004. I was working from home (for over two years at this point). New neighbors moved in two houses down. A man, his wife, and two small boys. I had not been involved with anyone in about 2 years. The first day I met Sharon, I could tell she was craving attention and respect from anyone that would give it. We would hang out in the front yard as out kids played together her boys and my son are the same age. She was a stay at home mom. She complained about her husband being an overbearing ass most of the time. Turns out, she was right. He would put her down and criticize everything she did. After hanging out for a few months, we started to flirt. I led the way since she didnt feel very sexy at all (thank you, husband). One day, I asked her if I could come over to talk to her. by now, the kids were back in school. I showed up and chatted for a bit. She was standing in the kitchen. I walked up to her and hugged her. Then, I kissed her. And, to my surprise, within about 5 minutes, she had her hand around my hard cock. We had sex for a few hours that day. We started a relationship that lasted for about 3 and a half years. We only had sex maybe 6 or 8 times, though. We would get together and kiss, hug, fondle, please with fingers and oral (she would give me blowjobs but didnt like me going down on her. I would just use my fingers while we kissed). It was more of a friendship with some intimacy. She really wanted someone to validate her more than anything. She was the kind of person that would help anyone with anything without a second thought. The problem with that is that people take advantage of you. I was the only person (man) to listen and tell her that she had worth. Everything started to fall apart because she fell in love with me and wanted me to be a bigger part of her life. We never discussed exactly what that meant, but I was only capable of giving her as much as I was at that time. I didnt even need the sex. I was perfectly find just being her friend. But, she couldnt do that. It was more of an all or nothing thing with her. We broke up because she needed more and I wasnt unhappy in my marriage (similar to now). The sad fact is, until she leaves her husband, she will always be unhappy. I could not fix that. After we stopped seeing each other, she moved a few miles away. She met another man and had a brief affair with him .and got caught. After that, hubby felt he was right for telling her she was worthless. A bit of irony the other guy she cheated with went to therapy with his wife. They ended up seeing my wife and my wife figured out it was Sharon. But, this other guy never knew that Sharon had seen me. Small world. So, did I answer your questions? If not, ask away. Side note: about a year and a half ago she was across the street visiting a neighbor and texted me to see if I was up. I had not talked to her since we broke up. She asked if she could come over. My wife was out of town, but the kids were here. We kissed and petted a little, then she left. I havent seen her since.

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