Commentary about Matt Smith BNP Paribas, LONDON, UK posted to From : user2016 posted on 2016-08-01 This UGLY PRICK Matt Smith -Matthew Smith works for BNP Paribas in London,he is LIAR, CHEATER, RACIST SCUM, CREEP obsessed on Asian trannies (like the donkey in the picture) Matt Smith worked for JP Morgan in London and Bournemouth and spent his time saying racist shits about his Indian colleagues.Anyone that really knows him, know that he is a racist. He absolutely hates Black people and always says that they re all crimninals etc… But he is a big coward, so face to face he acts like he is friendly but talk shit behind your back. Matthew Smith cheated with Asian trannies he met on dating sites. He is so stupid he actually catched himself as he added the tranny bicthes he cheated with on facebook A dozen of trannies,mostly Asian: Faith Dablo, Ana Teano, Lisa Khamprapai, Jaylynn Cali, Reem tranny, Chongri Mun, Emily Lie, Aommie Chonticha,Pandora Amp, Angie Legaspi, Queensha Luphh ,Ellaine Juanico, Ana Rose Balaga, bar prostitute Etha Bastari and many others. This CREEP Matthew Smith really loves sucking the Asian SHEMALES hairy sausages! He regularly visits prostitutes and brothels (of course mostly Chinese ones)like “londonbody2boy” which is a Chinese brothel in London. Like you can see, he cc’ed their email adress in a message he sent to all his contacts. Who saves the mail adress of a brothel/massage parlour? A PROSTITUTE CLIENT! He has many online aliases like smithmatt007, Matthew Smith BNP Paribas, Matthew John Smith ltd, mjsltd80 and many others. This SICK CREEP spend his time online and use social medias like facebook, instagram to contact and solicit sex in exchange of money with Asian tranny prostitutes He even has a secret instagram profile just to contact Asian prostitutes With his housemate Christian Palfrey, an ugly bald dick, Matt Smith spent 6 months in Asia for sex tourism ,travelling (Thailand,Indonesia, Malaysia…well known place for child sexual exloitation)because the whores there are really cheap, sleeping with lot of ladyboys and little children. Pathetic and embarassing! These 2 ugly shits think they re some kind of studs, with their ugly “fucky, sucky $5″prostiutes. lol Matt Smith got lot of STDs , either from the prostitutes,or from the Chinese/Asian tranny sluts he cheated with. Matt Smith is suck a LOSER. At nearly 40 years old, his life is a complete FAILURE. He has to pay UGLY prostitutes for sex. His face and body are covered with disgusting spots.He has chicken legs. Matthew Smith lives in a dirty flatshare ,that look and smell like a homesless cardoard. He has no car and owns like 2 pairs of jeans which are brown due to the skidmarks You will see his UGLY CUNTFACE in every dating sites/apps because this loser cant meet girls/trannies in person. Details: Full name: Matthew John Smith/ Matt Smith email: [email protected] , [email protected] From : sabenababy posted on 2014-01-23 Hello good day how are today i hope your fine,i am name is sabena I have a serious issue at hand to share with you, and you will have benefit from it.and this is a situation that i am i have been seeking for a responsible person who i can build my trust upon i see your profile photo and my mind told me to contact you,and i will like to have private discussion with you,please contact me ( [email protected] ) so I can send more details about my self, sabena From : mrsgomez posted on 2010-06-28 really who are you and where are you from neverurlove? From : neverurlove posted on 2010-06-10 OMG…. Did you know that he has another baby with one of my friends… That is a trip. He doesnt do anything for her daughter either! From : Sickofliars posted on 2010-06-04 Oh damn…that is soo fucked up of him. He needs to be tested. From : mrsgomez posted on 2010-05-28 the picture of the lady is someone luis was having an online relationship with at the same time he was finding sex on craigslist and was supposedly trying to work it out with me-his wife From : mrsgomez posted on 2010-05-28 luis is my husband he’s cheated as i’ve comed to find out now for all our ten years we’ve been together we have two duaghters and the first time i found out he cheated it was with a coworker of which they had a baby together we separated and tried to work it out but on a trip to catalina island a woman he has been having an affair called him and claimed to be pregnant with his child she’s due in december for the past month i have found out so much more like pictures of women he’s with and emails also he searches for sex on craigslist i never thought anyone could be such a dog but people like that never change as for the women he’s been with they now he’s a married man with a family and they dont care and still get involved with him so they are just as bad some of the women are Danya Tapia, Sandra Delgadillo or Sandra Gomez, Lynnelle Taylor,and many more Pages: 1.

Note: Some of the commentary about Matt Smith BNP Paribas, LONDON, UK is a collection of user forum submissions from the previous cheaters registry site.  As such, some format may be off, but the dates when the comments were made about Matt Smith BNP Paribas, LONDON, UK by the users were preserved.


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