It all started last year when I caught my bf deleting texts from this woman that we worked with. I was pregnant with our daughter. He said it was nothing like that because she had herpes and shes a ***** who slept with all the gas guys at work. I believed he stopped talking to her. Fast forward a year later and I’m 8 months pregnant with our son having the most difficult and scary pregnancy ever.

All I was doing was going to the store to get medicine for my daughter. I was gone 20 minutes. He was texting me trying to get me to go to the store but I didn’t feel like it and he told me to drive safe. Instantly I felt something was up because he never tells me that.

I get home and this woman is in my house with her newborn child. He’s in the bathroom naked. I flipped out and threw her to the ground. She ran out of the house. He swears they didn’t have ***** . But I know they did. He hard dried *** on his leg.

Few months later I find out from a friend from work that he slept with her after I had my daughter. Not only did he sleep with a ***** whose a known w ***** with herpes, but he risked giving it to me and my kids. The funny part is she’s engaged. I know her new baby isn’t her fiancé’s cus she told my bf she dont know who the dad is. She’s a disgusting piece of ***** . Especially because she knew we were together and had a baby and one on the way.


Vineland, New Jersey

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