THIS HOEs FOR HIRE!! This mut takes and takes, and deff takes the cake. She talks to several dudes and was named the town whore, the towns slip-n-slide, and this is well well after back in high school being ran Thru the entire football team. People still go by her Choo Choo ! cuz the bitch is old trying to be 20, calls the dudes that say she looks so beautiful ect ect ect talking about kissing ect, she calls these guys her cousins !!! Lmao seriously !?! Thinks she is a princess, a queen, lay down or be put down. Thats this bitches motto! Watch her friends she be texting in line!! She usually suckers them dumb asses for money! Hicks is a great name for this blonde nasty ass bimbo. Yeuck! Have at her, she just lays there anyways.. Trust me stay far away If not u will see.. This manipulative bitch will get you Watch your pockets! Watch ur ass! And if she hits ya Walk. Dont believe a word she says. DTF-town whore

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