Mette H¿gh Henriksen Hjerting, Denmark, a registered cheater in The registry entry for Mette H¿gh Henriksen Hjerting, Denmark is as follows: Mette H¿gh Henriksen is a deranged home wrecker, whore, consummate liar and a blackmailer. After my husband confessed his affair with her to me, he told her whatever they had was over and asked her to keep her distance from us. However, shortly afterwards she invented a pregnancy as an excuse to make contact with him. No doubt, she hoped he would suddenly be interested in her again. When this was not the case, she instantly forgot the pregnancy story and instead went into attack mode. She sent me the longest text message I have ever received where she firstly taunted me that I could not prevent her from remaining in contact with my husband if that was what she wanted. Then she threatened that if I mentioned anything to her husband that she would a) stalk my husband, b) stalk my two children, following them to school and after-school activities, c) show my children the sexts between her and my husband, ) tell them AND THEIR FRIENDS everything she had done with my husband. Finally, she gloated that she had a good imagination and could think of other ways to make our lives a misery. With hindsight I should have gone directly to the police, however, I had no idea what kind of bunny boiler I was dealing with and what damage she might cause before they could intervene.; Actually, affair is too grand a word to use about their sordid activities. It implies some kind of relationship, which they certainly did not have, except maybe in her head. The first time they had sex was at a private house party, on a couch in front of an audience (of her husbands friends) and was approximately three hours after they had met for the first time. Next time, behind the beer tents at the town festival. From then on, she was essentially a booty call; my husband would drop by for sex after he had been out with his friends. A kind of free prostitute. No gifts, no dates, no romantic meals, no weekend trists, no expensive holidays, NOTHING. Sometimes he would arrange to meet her somewhere for sex and then forget to turn up, or simply be having a better time drinking in the pub. So she would text or call numerous times to ask if he was on his way and he would just stall her with excuses and have another beer. This went on for years.; I swear if she had not threatened my children, her behavior has been so pathetic and she has allowed herself to be treated so badly, that I could almost feel sorry for her. Imagine being so desperate for attention that you would place so little value on yourself or your body and allow yourself to be used like that. I have read their texts; where she repeatedly admits that she knows he means more to her than she does to him, that she dreams of them being together but knows he is only interested in things continuing in the same way and that he refuses to discuss any possibility of a future together.; Unfortunately, she has shown herself incapable of demonstrating any such empathy to me. Having bumped into her randomly after the threatening text, I gave her the opportunity to apologise to my face and retract her comments, knowing that she was obviously devastated about being dumped and thinking maybe she had just lashed out in desperation. She absolutely refused to apologise and in fact tried to deny having sent the text, despite her own brother (who had seen it), being present. Even when he screamed at her that she should just own up and say sorry, she refused. The only sign of any form of apology came some months later after my husband begged her to send one to me as he thought that might placate me enough to not name her in our divorce proceedings. When received her so-called apology was actually just a list of all the things that she stood to lose if her husband found out what she had been up to. That was the last straw for me, I did what I should have done in the start, and I contacted her husband!; This woman likes to think of herself as a pillar of the community, yet in her private life she behaves like a bitch on heat, is deluded and self-serving with no conscience or moral compass. She has lied to not only her husband and children, but also to her parents and disgracefully abused their trust by also violating their homes with her sordid activities. She was willing to throw my children under the bus, causing them abject misery and embarrassment, all in order to save her own skin. She is the very worst example of womanhood, and a disgrace to her profession (she is an elementary school teacher!).

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