Mette Høgh Henriksen from Hjerting is a liar, blackmailer, stalker and home wrecking w****. She met my husband at a party and had *** with him on a sofa in front of party guests a couple of hours later. The next time they met it was *** behind the beer tent at the town festival. She tried repeatedly and without success to persuade him to abandon his children. So far, so mundane. An unfortunately all too common story of a selfish egotistical man wishing to be distracted from the inconveniences of real life, who got ego kibbles from having a woman telling him how fabulous he was when he was anything but and an equally selfish, immoral woman looking for an escape from her boring, been nowhere, done nothing suburban life.
After a phantom pregnancy failed to have the desired effect of destroying my family, she then threatened to contact my children and tell them and their friends what she had been up to with their father and also to show them the sexually explicit texts she had exchanged with him.
This excuse for a human being is still married and working as a primary teacher. This is a woman who has shown extremely poor judgement, has very questionable morality and happily lies to suit her own agenda. She believes she has a reputation as a fine upstanding citizen, in fact due to her own drunken indiscretions there are few who don’t know what she is really like.


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