Micah Auerbach lives in Los Angeles and cheated on his long-term girlfriend! She was completely shocked and devastated. He is known to frequent free dating sites like plentyoffish and portrays himself to be someone more than he is. He claims to be a fireman but it turns out he was actually just a VOLUNTEER firefighter and never earned any money!!! You can confirm it yourself on transparentcalifornia.org! Girls beware! He lied to my friend their whole relationship. He lives at home with his mom, who supports him! He has no ability to support himself, which is pathetic for a grown man. Do not get conned by him like my friend. He will have you pay for everything and puts on a pretense of being such a sincere and loving guy. It is all a lie! His grandmother died and he lied and pretended she was still alive. Who does that? All of us friends always knew he was a loser but she thought she was in love so we kept our mouths shut. Never again. If you know this guy or know of a friend who might be dating him, please do right by your friend and save her a lot of pain.. And money!! He is a total loser.

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