his bastard was having an affair with my wife while married with kids. Also was apparently going through a divorce with his wife because (as he tells my wife) his wife was cheating on him with his neighbor ..Wow, talk about not learning, therefore he decides to do the same thing what a scumbag! There is more, my wife tells me that he has a very small penis and that sex was very awkward because he was ashamed of how small his cock is. Doesnt say much about my wifes choices but perhaps explains his wifes affair .Finally this scumbag asks my wife to borrow our beach house .Seriously, fuck my wife then borrow my beach house .How about taking my dog too LOL.Seriously a TOP NOTCH scumbag which should be avoided as much as possible Almost forgot, tried to hire my wife to work for his company (while cheating with her and married) so they could f*** more often .Wait till I tell his employer that one

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