Commentary about Michael Curtis, Jacksonville, FL posted to From : ashleat posted on 2015-08-21 His Cheater Photo is the photo he references with “Attached is from you”. Soon to be ex-husband and Chief Petty Officer in the US Navy stationed in Yokosuka. Brought “Miss Sachiko” around my stepchildren. He met her on Tinder while I was on medical bed rest in the States because I was pregnant with our twins. These emails are from late April, he came to the States in May when the twins were born to visit them and while here we did everything but penetration together due to me having just given birth. He then went back to Japan and invited her to multiple outings with the other kids. When I brought the twins to visit in Japan he had sex with me. At one point be admitted to having sex with her and gave me graphic details. Now here’s what he has to say since I told him he will not have our kids alone until they can talk: “That’s not a hickey, it’s a bruise I got when I was drunk. I don’t remember how.” “It was warmer with her over because I only turn my heat on when I have company.” “We never had sex. We were starting to get close and decided to end our friendship because I wanted to be a good husband.” “I never had sex with her, only you my love.” He is also now apparently telling my stepkids that I “shouldn’t be mad because Miss Sachiko was only coming over to teach him Japanese and have snacks.” Yeah, if by snacks he means salty protein shakes. This is far from the first incident and he is emotionally abusive in other ways too. Steer clear of this snake. I also found texts between he and a friend talking about how they have “sociopathic tendencies”. Well, that’s one thing he’s not lying about. Pages: 1.

Note: Some of the commentary about Michael Curtis, Jacksonville, FL is a collection of user forum submissions from the previous cheaters registry site.  As such, some format may be off, but the dates when the comments were made about Michael Curtis, Jacksonville, FL by the users were preserved.


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