Approached my partner of 10 years (and father of my 2 beautiful boys) at the local dive bar when he was completely inebriated. Took him back to her stupid little shack for a “drink”.

Knew he had me and kids waiting on him at home and screwed him anyway. He couldn’t even finish because she was so gross and he was so drunk. She even tried to get him to start an actual relationship with her. In your dreams sweetie. Old and trashy trying to break up a family so you can date a guy 20 years your junior?? Immature desperate and pathetic. He confessed to me in the morning and she said she wished her ex husband would have confessed all of his romps with random bar trash. The irony is killing me. I won anyway bye Felicia!!! Ps he didn’t even recognize her in this photo because she looks so much fatter in real life.


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Peculiar, Montana

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