Mike Harbord and Michelle Waddington, Hamilton, Canada, a registered cheater in cheatersregistry.com. The registry entry for Mike Harbord and Michelle Waddington, Hamilton, Canada is as follows: This whore destroyed my family. 3 children and 11 years of marriage this slut contacts my husband out of the blue (this is the mother of his oldest son. In which she has played iver my husbands head like a puppet for 15 years. While he was home with him as a newborn ahe was out sleeping around with several different men.) She says her therepist advised her to contact him (a married man) to disguss her feelings. He tells me. Doesnt respond. She then 3 weeks later messages him professing her live for him. (a married man..sitting at home with his wife and kids) he tells me. Scared to tell her to back off because she is yet again dangling his son over his head. Time goes by. I catch him sneaking around with her. He tells me she has terminal cancer and only 2 months to live. Oh! So i support him! The lies just keep building. Not coming home. Hotels and flowers on the credit card bill. DenialÉand more denial. He drunkenly begs me to get rid of her. So i contact her. Ya shes not dying of cancer! He swears she told him that while laying on his chest crying! After months of him making me believe that he was not involved with her. His lare nights and not coming home was depression. I spent quite a few nights out looking for his body after the messages i received from him saying he is going to jump. É. Finally at the end of the summer i catch him with her. Lost it a bit! He promised he would never see or talk to her again. He hadnt slept with her he said. He moves out. Promises to fix this. Says he let the devil in. I find out thanksgiving that shes pregnant! He swears its not his! Im still believing him. He says hes coming home. We continue with our marriage. Because of the situation i lost custody of my oldest son. Only because i stood by my husbands side and had 2 more children to think of. My husband stays with his neice (so he claimed) on the days my oldest son was home. My husband stops staying at home. Because everytime he did stay this homewrecker would show upÉslashing tiresÉor flipping out in front of my house and the neighbourhood children. If she wasnt loosing it here. She was cutting herselfÉthreatening to burn his stuff that she had. She comvinces him this baby is his. Tells him if he comes home to his wife and kids she would put this baby up for adoption and he would never see it. SoÉwe wait out this pregnancy. Promising he was coming home as soon as he got a dna test and his name on the birth certificate. Baby was born. He moves in with her. Now im pregnant. And he is denying this baby im carrying is his. And she is telling me that they have been togetherÉsleeping together the whole time. Year of hell. One year to date. Oh did i mention last year at this time before i knew what was going on. We remortgaged the house for 17 thousand to update the heating that costs a fortuneÉand pat off debts (including the ones he racked up in my name) he hid it in a seperate account and spent it all on his affair with her!!!

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