Mike Lanigan is a musician in the Ma/NH area that has a 40 year history of serial cheating in every girlfriend. Mike Lanigan had and a serial adulterer throughout his entire 27 year marriage with multiple overlapping long and short term affairs. Mike Lanigan also has had many one night sex encounters with men and women from Adult Friend Finders, Ashley Madison , Moresomes ( porn couples) .. Etc. Mike Lanigan engages habitually in live sex web cam activity while performing anal sex on himself. There is no therapy for narcissism. There is no medication. There is nothing thats going to change his behavior. Mike Lanigan will charm, manipulate, deceive, love bomb..Mike Lanigan will make you think you met the man of your dreams. Mike Lanigan will refer to his ex as crazy. According to Mike Lanigan they were all crazy. Mike Lanigan will make you beleive hes the victim. Run. Mike Lanigan has harmed dozens and put women in therapy. Janice, Vivian ,Suzie, Deb ( cape) , Johanna, Deborah, Gina. Donna, Roxanne, Betty. And so many more. Mike Lanigan is a heinous abuser of women. Mike Lanigan admittedly has never loved any. Mike Lanigan feels no remorse, love, sorrow, etc. he can and will mimic emotions. Run fast.

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