Im just a friend of the families. But Ive been around this one right here for a while. She comes from a great family, has a beautiful daughter and a fiancee that would give anything for her. That man loves this woman, why? Im not sure. Trust me I know cause Ive tried him several times. Not because Im a homewrecker but its he deserves a real woman. Some whos faithful and that would make him happy. Yes hes been to jail a few times for drug screens but he is 100% faithful, cause I know I look better than her and he wouldnt give me the time of day. But all she does is cheat on him over and over again. Why she doesnt just let him go and just be the easy girl she is instead of breaking his heart every month beats me. Every time he leaves town she running around with guys from work. Yes thats plural. I garuntee shes went through 90% of the restaurants guys. She just doesnt realize how good of a man she has, and he loves her to much to let go and it kills my every time I talk to him and hes found out something else. Why keep treating someone so wrong. She just has no morals or self respect or respect for others. The drugs have just taking her down the wrong road. I talk with him daily, hes been trying to move her and her daughter up where hes at to help her get her life together, support them and have his family back. Every time its time for her to come he finds out she been sleeping with this ugly boy from work. It breaks my heart to hear him cry, no one deserves that. Ive begged him just to let me come, but hes so heart broken. No one knows that I feel this way about him, and not many know shes that type of person. He deserves better and Im about to bring everything out in the open. Shes been running around on him all year while he sit there lonely with his life on hold while shes out somewhere on her back. Then this pos puts the responsibility of raising her daughter on her mother, financially and physically. Its sad when running around doped up putting everyone else first but your fiancee of 5 years and your 8 ur old child come last. She needs to grow up, that isnt cool. She is not only hurting herself but hurting the ones who really care and love her. She doesnt deserve him. Shes also broken up the family of the guy she is running around with while his wife is 8 months pregnant. If that isnt trashy, degrading, selfish, and pathetic then I dont know what is. I just talked to him and he is devastated she has already introduced him to their daughter. Woman like that give all of us a bad name and their the ones who deserve to be alone and miserable.

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