Whitney AKA “Misty Moonsilver” was my girlfriend up until a month ago when I found out she was talking to her “ex” again. Her and her “ex” run back to each other every once and a while and she helps Misty lie about her cheating. Twice I was dumb enough to believe her. She made up a fake pregnancy and when I asked for a test, she lied and said she had a miscarriage. According to her doctor the “miscarriage” was just a regular period. Most recently, she broke into her ex’s apartment and stole a bunch of stuff because she was seeing a guy. Again, this is Misty’s ex girlfriend and screenshots FROM HER ex. Apparently I’m girlfriend number 3 according to werdna. Didn’t think lesbians were players too. It is always a bad thing to find yourself in such a spot as the investigator with your own partner because I was in this situation some weeks back,yet I didn’t get him because he’s a smart husband .A friend introduced me to this hacker cybernnectic at gmail com his work is amazing.I was able to read my husband charts and calls with his so call mistress.

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