Wow Im surprised. Adam Avila is so cool and his cousin Natalie Becerra is making fake profiles on the Internet harassing others. But I do notice Natalie Becerra also uses the same words calling me a loser. Its quite funny when the hate crime is being done through Natalie and her family and they are name calling me. Haha.. Actually quite funny. It was yor cousin. Natalie would contacted me first. It was your cousin Natalie who continued to contact me as fake people for one year. Then after one year after I posted her on it was Natalie Becerra who continued to contact me for another full year. Thats when I began contacting her friends and posting her friends. And possibly for another 6 months is was Natalie Becerra who continued harassing me as fake people. That is nearly 3 years of Internet harassment. And then to turn around and call me the stalker and liar is quite funny. Actually it is Natalie who is contacting me again through these complaint boards. What is most entertaining is that Natalie will never have a friend in her lifetime. She really is barking up the wrong tree. And as for these postings I highly doubt any posting will be removed. Possibly the websites will desolve in 5-6 years but the postings will remain. There will be no possible way anybody will or can contact the presidents of these websites. And even if they can the websites launch an independent investigation into the claims and all Internet records all prove that Natalie Becerra was harassing me on the Internet. Then there is the name calling from the wetbacks. And there there is the impact these people had on my life. Didnt I have lunch and hardcore drinks as an FBI agent sat next to me. Was I paranoid or do normal people walk around in a suit and tie and follow me around. Must be very strange being told by a doctor if you dont take cheemotherapy you have no choice your health will get worst and you will without a doubt die. Yes I believe since all the health problems where caused by natalies harassment, which is purely facts, I very highly doubt these postings will be taken down. As a matter of fact lets watch and see what happens with these postings in the next 5 years lets see how many times it is republished and smeared across the Internet. Maybe the Mexicans should stop trying to act cool and start worrying about what is morally and ethically right and wrong. Yes smoking crack is a very cool act, but it will ruin your life. Youve been warned.. and as for Natalie Becerra. I really dont see it working out. You should be planning on leaving this state. Your not very much liked here. And if you bother me I will treat you worst than a prostitute. You have no hope in dealing with a person like me.

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