Murray M. Campbell is 52 yr. old, of Yakima, Washington. He will try to seduce you, and will ruin your life! Janitor by day, and a lying cheating romantic sociopath by night. Murray likes to play the knight in shining armor by night. He has a history of failed marriages, and failed relationships with women. These women have left him and he has fathered children with at least two of the last girlfriends. He does not know what monogamy means, or integrity means, its simply NOT how he was raised! Murray Campbell is a high functioning-closet-alcoholic, and commitment-phobe with a violent streak. When confronted, he often explodes in violent outbursts, and projects his pain and pathology onto you. He knows exactly how to manipulate you, and the system in order to avoid arrest and calling the cops. Murray should of been on Dating Complaints a long time ago. Murrays has a toxic family, and enabling friends, some of whom have their own criminal record too. They will tell you how wonderful he is, and blame his problems on his psycho b**** exes. He has cheated on every woman he has ever been with. His favorite go-to mistress, and sex addicted lover is Lisa Jill Hendricks. Lisa Jill Hendricks is a married woman from Chelan, Washington. Murray got Lisa pregnant in 2005. His daughter visits him when Lisa wants her sex fix, and or gets bored with her husband. Murray keeps a secret diary sexual exploits. He will deny you to the outside world and his drinking buddies think hes got it made! Murray is impulsive, and has been written up for his risky behavior, and doesnt think twice about taking sick days off work in order to meet up for a hookup with a mistress. He cannot go a day without calling a woman, and can never get enough from their narcissistic supply. Murray romanticizes his sex addiction and gets high on the sex and NOT from his relationship with you! The ONLY times he voluntarily sought therapy was in order to deal with a mistress and to learn how to unlove one who tires of him! Ultimatums never work nor does a reprimand from a judge in a court of law! Murray has no respect for anyone who tries to tell him he has a problem. You might as well forget couples counseling, alcohol treatment, or anger management too. Murray is convinced that he has everything under control and its not his problem! Murray likes strong, independent, educated and intelligent women who have their own money so he has someone to bail him out when he gets buried in debt. He is looking for a wifely type who will keep the home fires burning and will accept his dalliances while he escapes in his own world. If you live far away or are married, so much the better! Once you become his target, he pursues and seduces you with flowers, gifts, offers to paint your house, fix your car, carriage rides, and home cooked meals. He addicts you by becoming your rescuer, your knight in shining armor , your romantic cowboy who carries you off into the sunset! If youre vulnerable, youre likely to develop a fantasy bond with him. Murray moves quickly and will tell you how beautiful you are, that he is in love with you, but he is completely incapable of forming a normal relationship or real emotional connection with you. Once you want more of a commitment from him, this Don Juan quickly goes from idolizing you to degrading you and finding fault with you. You are stupid if you move in with him! You will never experience more pain in your life and you will never be the same IF you ignore our warnings. Your life will be a seesaw, a roller coaster, and the silent treatment and violence will come, and it gets worse with each victim. Murray is a narcissist with an agenda and its not a real relationship with you! He is a dismissive with a fearful avoidant attachment and a romantic sociopath. The book Men Who Cant Love describes Murray to a T . DO NOT feel sorry for this man or fall for his teary apologies or stories of his bad childhood. You are in for a world of constant pain with this man. Dont think you can change him or that you are different from any of us who have been wounded by him. Youve been warned. Thanks again for this platform of Dating Complaints. I appreciate Dating Complaints website to inform everyone about Murray Campbell.

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