Once again Naomi Ebbers rises to top of AJ’s finest liars and Cheaters! Serial Cheater, Naomi struck again and was found being unfaithful after entering into a monogamous committed relationship with Mr. Cappotto. Suspicions arose claims Mr. Cappotto, shortly after the relationship started, unusually scheduling, lying about her where about, getting furious when she is called out in her lies. A career cheater, Miss Ebbers is uncanny, clever, whitty, a professional cheater, in fact many believe she gave birth to the lie! But, we’re catching on, paying attention, and she’s slipping up, making mistakes, like forgetting to delete her Google maps timeline, checking to see if her “shared locations” wasn’t accidentally turned on. She’s slower, less paying attention to details and covering her tracks. On one of the occasion during this round with Naomi, I found her on three occasions crusing on a hook up site called ” Singles Around Me” this app fisplys guys/girls that are near by right in Google maps. People that are wanting sex, to “hook up” on a moment’s notice! You can meet in a park, or parking lot, family restroom at the mall, or library are always convient. Anyways, she wasn’t home on a particular Thursday night when she claimed to be. The Nanny was home but Nasty Naomi was gone by 8:30pm. Her timeline showed her 2 miles away at an apartment complex before she deleted it after she learned I took notice of it. She’s a no good fucking worthless liar!!if she’s us with the company of a man, she will not give attention else where including her phone, nope, not even return a text message. This is her signiture screw up, she gives it away when she won’t take the dick out of her mouth to respond to my text. History of ten years has proved this. I texted and or called her from 9:05 pm till 11;35pm that evening in question with no response, her timeline supported this by placing her at the apartment at 9:00pm to 11:42pm. She’s a good damn liar. But there is no stopping Nasty Naomi, s career serial cheater! Guys, stay clear!

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