There was a time when I couldnt contain all my emotions and I felt helpless. So one mistake I made was to post it on Facebook. My posts werent straight to the point and names wasnt involved. But its too obvious that Im pertaining to my husband and my marriage. so the point is, tons of friend will comment and message me. what happened? , are you okay? , if you need someone to talk to, Im here. , you will feel better if you talk your feelings out. , every message you can imagine. Even to my closest friends I cant even say it. so i stopped venting out posting hurt statuses on FB. sometimes I just post a selfie with a caption of hope and how I am coping. I can say that talking helps. But it depends on whom you will talk to. Best one to talk to is someone who will not judge; you nor even your husband. one who doesnt take sides, one who wont sugar coat things, one who wouldnt butt their own personal issues in while youre venting or pouring your heart out, one you trust and can make you feel better, just being there for you. a lot of them will ask because theyre just curious, its a GOSSIP thing you know? and then what I hate hearing is its okay, everything will be okay. or just pray. (well praying is given, and I know it, you dont have to say it). well I cant blame those people because giving an advise is really difficult. sometimes youre saying all the right words but it will not change anything. you will still feel like crap. No one knows the best advise, really. Unless theyve been through the same. Actually, I just talked to myself sometimes. Call me crazy but this issue is never easy to talk about. some get a shrink; but that I cant do, I still think Im sane for a shrink. But having a shrink is not wrong at all. If there is any way you can have it, do it. as for my case, what makes me sane is write about it. I have a lot of thoughts going on in my brain and sometimes I just let them die inside. I tried fighting, talking to some friends but none of them helped. In conclusion, we should always remember that all we have is ourselves. we have relatives and friends but we should accept the fact that it is indeed an internal battle. Why? because we are all individuals and all of us have our own issues. Dont stress people about helping you, because you may never know what theyre having too. Dont expect people to have solutions for you. Because you are the only one in charge of your life. everything bounces back to what your decisions are before everything happened. Problems are inevitable, change will always be our companion.

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