Norene is the host of Paranormal Zone TV and it is alleged that she runs a human trafficking sex ring under a real estate business and sells cats at a sex shop. She also engages in cyber stalking and harassment and it is documented all over the internet. She is a known Madame and she uses the real estate business to hide her secret business. Beware of her, she will turn on anyone. She has even called animal control on her ex boyfriend Tim Wood: Tim dumped her for a younger woman and she was very bitter. She even led a cyber mob campaign against him and his affiliates. She has been known to use clients personal information to stalk and harass them so just be careful. We are told that she was a bully in high school because she was very overweight and self conscious. Now she forces her family to get botox to try to remain young even though she bullies people who could be her grandkids. She gets really upset when someone calls her old or Oompa Loompa and she will call every woman a man or tranny and then have their computers hacked. Be careful dealing with this lady. We heard that she was posting libel and contacting gossip columnists to sell fake stories and get publicity for her business. She uses her YouTube show guests’ information to stalk and harass them if they do not comply or agree with whatever she tells them to do. She worships Satan and pays witches to cast spells o people she hates. She even speaks ill of the dead on her YouTube show. Be careful everyone. She could be very dangerous

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