Nyle Silva Nevada, a registered cheater in cheatersregistry.com. The registry entry for Nyle Silva Nevada is as follows: Meet this genuine piece of shit. Rather, a piece of shit is a compliment. He makes good ole fashion dog poo look grand. After many years and many mistakes, Ive finally realized he is my home wrecker. Not the millions of side chicks on the way up.; So I know what youre all thinking, Im the dummy that kept taking him back. And I was. I met him at only 16 years old, and the relationship then was iffy. I will give it this, we really loved each other. A special connection that was really indescribable. In a way I have never felt for anyone else. We were very different but the differences brought us close. I got pregnant, still in high school. Stupid me. He was still in Òparty modeÓ which of course tore us apart, as I had matured as a mother and was over the drinking and partying and bullshit. I found out he was cheating on me with his first whore around this time. One day we were at a restaurant with our baby for breakfast, and he got our waitresses number as I was putting the baby in the car. He told her I was his cousin, and proceeded to bang her in our family car while I was visiting my grandparents for Christmas. Classy.; Left him then and he fell off the deep end. Doing drugs (the hard stuff), acting mentally looney toons and angry. He got a criminal rap sheet the size of Texas til he got sent to prison. Had a few domestics, DUIs, speeding tickets. He never asked or tried to contact me about our son during this time. He got so drunk one night he went into a Chinese restaurant and asked to use the phone. Held the place up, ordered everyone on the floor, with no gun or anything, just being a drunk belligerent dumb shit. A kitchen worker knocked his ass out with a broomstick. After that, he proceeded to choke me out in a completely scary and unreasonable state. That was the one that sent him to prison.; Back to stupid me. Only 19 at this time. Struggling being a single mom with a low paying job. Still feeling hurt, vulnerable, and alone. I never had family to help me, emotionally, financially, or anything. I was responsible for the situation I was in, but it didnt make it suck any less. So he writes and calls from prison, preaching how he found God and so on and so forthÉand he loved me and changed. I had this na•ve notion that he must be telling the truth. How or why, I am not sure. But I believed it.; He gets out and it was rocky road again. The one I chose to take. We split again and the story gets really intense and nasty. I wont go into those details because I will be here all day, but I constantly forgave and forgave. There even came a time I genuinely believed he had changed. He was working, loving, on his best behavior, and really devoted to our family, for about 4 years straight. We got a place together, car together, didnt argue. Up until the last year anyway. I was pregnant with our planned baby, and he all of a sudden felt this sudden urge to relive his youth. Got a job at buffalo wild wings, where he thought it was appropriate to stay after work for 3 or more hours at a time drinking at the bar with all his co-workersÉwhich you know are mostly female. He suddenly didnt relate to me anymore, and wanted to be in the company of anyone else he could find besides me. Then make me feel horrible that I wasnt okay with him going out on a nightly basis with me at home pregnant taking care of kids. Im sure he cheated on me at this time, but I will never know.; At this time I took on the ÒmotheringÓ role. To my own man. Had to tell him what I thought was acceptable, how to spend money better, and everything in between. He did nothing for himself but complain about me telling him what to do. The baby was born and was born with health issues and in the ICU as a newborn. This was very traumatic for me and he seemed to shape up, which brought us close together. Oh but not for long. As many of these relationships go, as soon as a baby is in the picture the cheating man all of a sudden decides he is tired of the baby crying and lack of attention from the wife. Then I caught him using drugs again and hanging out with two particularly suspicious people. The type that look like they live in a meth lab. He knows how strongly I feel about hating that particular drug. It changes his psyche, my father was never around because of it, and it transforms those who use it. He even defended that choice, saying he just does it once in a while. Monthly maybe. Then told me he works so I have no say and he cannot promise anything about quitting. I have never wanted to knock someone upside the head harder in my life. Perhaps what was worse, was I was at his mercy. He was the only one working. The car we shared was in his name. I took care of the kids. Like I mentioned earlier, I have zero help from family and no friends in my area. Without him, it looked like the homeless shelter. Many nights I beat myself up trying to come up with solutions. The best I could do was start selling things online but that only profits so much.; I saved my money, just in case. I felt it in my bones this wasnt ending well. I really just clung on to hope at this time. Then he quit his job. Out of the blue. I swear 3 months earlier he loved it, had just gotten benefits and wanted to get a 401k and make a career of it. Whatever his Òsudden changeÓ the job went down with the ship. Of course I was going to be upset! That was mine and my kids lifeline! I realized then he just ended this relationship for me. It obviously was only about money at this point because Id grown to hardly be able to stand him. Years of manipulation and mind games. Abuse at times. Drunken rages. You name it. He can provide. If I didnt know any better, Id say he was possessed.; His story for quitting his job, the first story that is, was that his boss copped him an attitude and the supervisors were ÒmockingÓ him in the office. He said he was compelled to walk out or go to jail for beating his ass. This was totally believable because he has intense trouble with authority. That wasnt a good enough reason for me and I let him know. Was it worth us losing the house, the car, not being able to pay the bills, and trash everything we had built? Apparently so. I prepared for alternatives, and gave him my last ounce of benefit of the doubt to find another job in 2 weeks time. Did he? Of course not. He went drinking, smoking, staying up all night, asking me to do applications for him, and not giving a single shit about the situation at hand. This is when his story for his job changed to ÒI felt like I was gonna die if I kept working there. It was dangerous. The equipment isnt up to par in safety. Im not good to you dead!Ó All the suddenÉhe was a forklift driver. Perhaps one of his most disturbing qualities is morphing stories to his liking in order to gain sympathy. And he genuinely believes them. Believes his own lies. Ive witnessed this on a few occasions and it truly baffles me.; I only put up with his excuses, attitude towards me, and sudden desire to not even try for about a week. I kicked him out. He really was of no use to me anymore. I didnt want to admit it, but I had fallen out of love with him and its no wonder why he just became a paycheck so I could care for my babies. We got in an explosive fight. He threatened to kill me for about the 10,000th time. I had to have the police come to the home and thankfully they let me take the car to leave. His personality when hes really drunk is particularly scary. He has broken in the house when I made him leave in the past when Im in a dead sleep to fight with me. Wakes the kids up on purpose to show his manly wrath. Theyre scared to death of him. One particular time he did this, he started slashing me with a charger and held me hostage in my own room. So me staying home this night was out of the question. I was ready and would rather sleep under a bridge. I had no way out without the police. And that was that. DONE for good. No going back. For real this time. I wont say I feel wonderful, but I feel okay. Thank god for welfare. I am ashamed to admit that was the route I had to take, but I got out.; I have 2 reasons for posting this. This first, obviously, is to warn the public about this nut case. After tying up loose ends with him, I found he was wacked out of his head living literally in cockroach infested motels with his next victim he met overnight. Or who knows, maybe he has known her for a while and shes just been waiting patiently. I didnt have much to say to him, but he had plenty. His closing words to me made me feel really bad about myself. Perhaps the ones that stung the worst was how he no longer took ownership of his kids. I shouldnt be surprised. Not the first time hes moved along and forgot he ever had them. It hurts me for my kids. I see so many men be able to split with their wives and want relationships, partial custody, something. It makes me envious really. Even though Id never willingly let them be around him again, it didnt feel good to hear. Hes a sociopath. In fact, hes probably the Godfather of sociopaths. Feels absolutely no empathy or remorse. Is about 30 years old but the mentally of a 16-year-old. His pattern is shoot meth in veins, drink til he blacks out and beat people up, go to jail, reform, and have an episode which can be set off by anything, repeat. During my many years with him, I realize he had a mental hold on me, making me feel responsible and guilty for his actions. He made me feel like I was the reason he was ÒforcedÓ to cheat and lie. Then in a miraculous way would shower me with evidence of his change to be better and how much he loved me.; My only advice to his new lady friend, is she better be on his level with drugs and sex. Have money because he has expensive taste. As a felon, he doesnt get jobs easily. He shares needles. He doesnt use condoms. When I found this out, I got tested right away and quit sleeping with him all together. He saysÉagain one of those lies he makes himself believeÉhe cannot catch STDs or HIV because hes Portuguese and his immunity will not allow it. He dead seriously believes this. And best of all, he will NOT be faithful. Every girl he has met along the way or had a relationship with he HAS CHEATED ON. EVERY SINGLE ONE. MULTIPLE TIMES. No exceptions. So, whoever you are girl, think youre the exception. Or think the way he lives is completely acceptable. It doesnt matter to me either way.; The second reason I posted this was for you ladies in similar situations. Im prepared for the lashings in the comments about what a goddamn dumb ass I am. I truly am. I cant take those years back. I really mentally believed in this fairy-tale that did not exist. With him. His greatest manipulation of course was charm and making me believe we had something unique and special. Saying all of the right things and making someone with low-self-esteem feel great about themselves (when shit wasnt hitting the fan).I have no one to blame but myself for all this. I believed his lies. I believed he was changeable 2000 times. I had kids with him. I knew all along there was risk. And kept taking it anyway. I cannot apologize to my children enough. I just want those of you out there that take any repeated behavior like this, to get out while you can. Ive already determined guys like this do not have the capacity in their own brains to be better. It has to be a biological trait, those ones who cannot change. They will always have their inner demons.

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