has several thousand members, and hardly anyone managed to enter into an acquaintance on this website. On the other hand, it is impossible to conclude an acquaintance and when these sites are the machinery of squandering money. How does this website? doing so he has employed several workers who are on call at 8 am to 12 am daily, and who are in the 5 or 6 accounts, perhaps in several (mostly on the same account), and who are these 8h to 12h continuous online and if it appears someone new there that he sent an e-mail kisses, winking or anything like that. The aim is that this new user believes that really communicate with other members and then starts redirecting the meeting by phone, which is most cost approximately $ 0.6 call for every minute, there will, of course, you have an answering machine that tells very slowly. The tactical objective is to keep you as long as possible because every second is very expensive to pay, few people will wait at that rate to be told which ***** on to press and how to get in touch with the person that has a scheduled meeting by phone. Because after 10 minutes (only $ 6.00) will throw you a telephone exchange, and if you are crazy enough and persistent use up all the money because it will happen the next time and so long as you do not give up …

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