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Douglas Bischoff, Miami, FL

Commentary about Douglas Bischoff, Miami, FL posted to From : LucianaTP posted on 2016-06-09 when a man uses a cellphone he is hiding something big, and he is not the exception, he’s just sh*t ugh every woman should watch the cellphone of their partners and leave them if they are doing something wrong […]

Jersey city

Zambia Kelley Jones age 36 soon to be 37 is a liar and dead beat dad Cheater…he has 5 kids 4 in ohio 1 in nj and he allowed the grandmother of one of his kids to take custody because he’s not man enough to step In and do what he is supposed to do […]

Dennis Witenbarger, Knoxville, Tennessee

Commentary about Dennis Witenbarger, Knoxville, Tennessee posted to From : fuckdennis posted on 2016-11-17 Dennis Witenbarger tried to have sex with me while he was still seeing his ex. He never broke things off with her, and ended up having sex with me. I was oblivious to at this at the time as I […]