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James wiles Norfolk Virginia. USA

James wiles went by Jay until a few months ago is a recovering alcoholic with a criminal history of abusing women he will never be happy with one woman and can offer nothing emotionally. He is mentally abusive. Sulking for days on end and dishing out the silent treatment.he will deny black and white evidence […]


I was with Joelle proulx of southbridge ma fpr 10 years.i was always faithful and never cheated in her. It was not her leaving at first that really upset me it was what i found out after she moved out. I found out that for a year and a half a kid and bad boy […]

John Foley, Norfolk, Va

Commentary about John Foley, Norfolk, Va posted to From : mpoppins posted on 2015-09-08 I was told he was divorced. Not only is he not divorced but this is his second marriage and has 4 kids. 5 if I keep the baby. We met 6 months ago in Richmond. We’ve been dating ever since […]

J Ravindaren, Klang, Malaysia

Commentary about J Ravindaren, Klang, Malaysia posted to From : KARMABLISS posted on 2016-06-03 Marriage made in heaven. She is married with a son and he is married with a daughter. Cheated on their spouses and even the company they work(ed) at by chatting on Yahoo IM the whole day. From : KARMABLISS posted […]

RUSSELL D. Delee, Baldwinsville, NY

Commentary about RUSSELL D. Delee, Baldwinsville, NY posted to From : 5laura posted on 2016-07-16 Look up psychopath, sociapath and narcissistic behavior this is him Pages: 1. Note: Some of the commentary about RUSSELL D. Delee, Baldwinsville, NY is a collection of user forum submissions from the previous cheaters registry site.  As such, some format […]