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Jill Renae Maloy-Cameron (Formally Busler) has cheated on all her previous boyfriends, her last Ex Husband Tom and her current Husband “Lucky” Boyd Cameron in Sheridan, Wyoming USA.; Jill loves cheating with “Black Men”, whenever she travels away for work, sleeping with MANY MEN. She claims to be a Christian, but really she is the […]

Jon Steiniger, Orion, Illinois

First of all Jon Steiniger is a cheating dead beat, that’s all. He has his own busines thanks to mommy and daddy… spoiled f****r. He got a girl pregnant and left her, then I had a baby with him not a few years later and he cheated on me. Brings different women over to his […]

Javed Khan of Cisco in San Jose CA

Javed Khan of Cisco is running a marriage scam and immigration fraud in San Jose California San Francisco Bay Area. Javed Khan is a VP at Cisco Systems (Collaboration Group). Javed Khan is the epitome of a fraud. Javed Khan recently was FIRED from Symantec because an internal HR investigation found that he was sponsoring […]

Joe Fall

Joe is a charmer who preys on women. I know, I was one of them. .. Joe is a Pacific Islander, born in the small island of Yap, Micronesia and resides in the Tacoma- Seattle area. He currently works as an Aircraft maintenance mechanic. Joe loves the white girls but hates the way the American […]

John Richard Casterton

Any woman in st. Croix Falls, WI area beware of this duplicitous liar and thief! Dealt with this pathological pedophile for 7 years. He has been repeatedly diagnosed as a sociopath, narcissist, controlling abusive and manipulated. He facilitated and failed at trying to gang rape a classmate. He had his wife arrested by saying she […]

Jeff Ball MA USA

Not really an ex at one point thought we were dating but we actually weren’t. I fell in love with him thought he loved me but he didn’t. He is a liar and just overall scum. No car and no job at the age of 33. Would hear him whine/yell at his mom for money […]

Ghaith Mohammed Battikhi, Amman, Amman, Jordan

Commentary about Ghaith Mohammed Battikhi, Amman, Amman, Jordan posted to From : bigguy79 posted on 2016-04-22 GHAITH MOHAMMED BATTIKHI is a cheater from amman jordan, this ugly bald asshole dick is only good at fucking and being a failure, he is cheating on his current wife hiba, he cheated on her years ago when […]

John smith

He first off was super flirty with a lot of people, he was also into cross dressing, it’s not a huge deal but he did it a lot, too much. To the point he crossdresed and blew one of his friends, I coul