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Matthew Kistler, Logansport, Indiana

Commentary about Matthew Kistler, Logansport, Indiana posted to From : Swtcountrygrl posted on 2015-06-23 He was the store manager at the Home Depot in El Dorado, Arkansas store. He started inappropriately texting and calling a female employee that is much younger than him. He was married to me at the time and I pulled […]

Jessica LeRoux, Norwood, New York

This woman Jessica LeRoux the definition of a gold digger. She dates older men (usually coworkers or bosses) for their money. She once again stepped out on her husband and children for a rendezvous with her boss, Dr. Healy of Canton NY. Before him, with was the PA she worked with at a local hospital […]

Jason Kenneth Voss Renton Wa. USA

Jason is definitely the worst ex boyfriend I’ve ever had! He’s a liar,manipulator,a*****e, and victim all in a short little package. He’s cute and he plays shy and he’ll look you right in the eyes and completely convince you how much you mean to him and when he loses interest in you, he’s not even […]

Peter Bromfield, Tempe, Arizona

I keep posting, because I’m lonely. I post because I want your love and attention. I post mean things about women because I hate them. I hate them because they steal the attention that I want from other men. I’m lonely, sad, gay, and I’m longing for attention. Your attention. I often visit racist sites, […]

Tamara Bove, Oxford, PA

Goes by Tammy. Also known as Tammy Reisler. Tammy has mental problems and is a homewrecker. She chases men and stalks them. She breaks up relationships and is always some man’s “side woman”. Since she stalks men and wrecks homes, men need to be careful with her. Her mental outbursts are pitiful and scary. Tammy […]

Jerry Saballus, California

Jerry Saballus is a master of deceit with trails of women all around him. He left his iPad behind one day and when I opened it to backup my pics I found a trail of phone calls, messages, google map address searches, emails to at least four other women who he had been reconnecting with […]

Andy Platt, West Babylon, New York/USA

Commentary about Andy Platt, West Babylon, New York/USA posted to From : JenJenVal posted on 2015-12-31 Stated Dating Andy Platt when he was still living with his wife and when we would go out, Hewould tell his wife he was going out with the guys from work, and I said the same to my […]

Jonathan Adeshina Agbebiyi, Michigan

He has a black belt in Marshal Arts and is known to frequently travel on expensive European and African trips. He has refused to pay the court ordered child support or be involved with whatever happens to the children. He is also believed to be living with Marsha J. Taylor and her children. This deadbeat […]