He is originally from SC. He is a pathological liar. He lies about his name, told me it was Andreus. He lies about how many kids he has. Told me 1 daughter, he has a few more. Lies about his age, on POF it says 38. He also is a Thirsty sex fien! He meets tons of women online, via POF and Facebook, and tries to have sex with all of them. He will fake a relationship just to get some. He has no standards, he tries every woman who will pay him attention. All white women though. He goes for slutty women yet likes the challenge of a good girl also. He will portray to be whatever he thinks you want. He even lies about smoking cigarettes and smoking weed. His pics are even misleading. He looks old in person! He will go for young girls also. And he claims to have a BBC Another lie! He openly agreed to have unprotected sex with a woman he never even saw before. (I have the screen shots) He is disgusting.. Beware ladies.

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