Commentary about Patrick McKenna, Kent, Oh posted to From : hehastobetakendown posted on 2016-03-17 He is a pathological liar. He’s still doing this to dozens of girls. Be very careful of this man. From : Sexytif88 posted on 2015-08-10 Interesting. I’ve been talking to him for about a week. Planned to meet him soon. He told me he was a gentleman. When were you involved with him? From : Hesacheater45 posted on 2015-07-14 This man is the worse man I have ever met. He is a sex addict, narcissistic mamas boy. He is 34 years old and still lives with his mother. For the entirety of our relationship he cheated and lied to me about over 45 women over the course of three years. 6,5 ginger aprox 260lbs. Works as a navigator for the air force. Has no real job or steady source of income. Cheap. Very cheap. Won’t even take you on a date. Basically just wants to get his dick wet. He knows exactly what to say to keep you around and will do anything so that you won’t leave him lonely Bc he’s a scared little boy. He pees in the tub and refuses to use a toilet and then neglects to wash his hands after! Disgusting! He also loves to fart into his cupped hand and then bring it to his face so he can smell his own feces. Gross!! Wears his underwear for weeks at a time before changing his pair. Won’t do laundry. He loves to watch porn and scout out all the dating websites. His username had been Kaylor54. He is a sick, disgusting, evil man with no soul. Don’t get caught up in his bullshit. It will only leave you feeling like you did something wrong. He doesn’t know the meaning of I love you Bc he can so easily cheat. He has no other feeling but loneliness. He doesn’t feel love or guilt or shame. Just loneliness that he needs to fill by fucking every female he sees. Texting, emailing, picking up women EVERYWHERE!! He even bought a second phone with a new number to meet and hook up with women while away for work. He’s done that twice with me. Or using google voice, text free, making a different email address, Skype. You name it. He’s used it to get laid. Pathetic. He doesn’t like to use protection so if you’ve been with him…GET TESTED Bc he doesn’t go so he has no clue what he’s got. And he tried to get one of his exs pregnant out of pity for her. Luckily she didn’t have his bastard child. He has been known to go by the alias Steve Borga, Steve Johnson, Justin Burns and has probably already made up some others. He had slept with married women without a second thought. Home wrecker. Only a week after we finally broke up he started dating some other broad. Was cheating on her too. She dumped him after I contacted her and he then tried to get me back, again. Once he realized that I wasn’t playing his game anymore he immediately started fucking someone else. So if you decide to date him and you break up. He’s prob already fucked someone that same day and then will have the nerve to call it a mistake and beg for you back Bc he sorry. So date him if you want. He won’t change. It’s your funeral. And then he has the fucking nerve to “accidentally” call me while he’s fucking his new girlfriend. So yeah. How fucking cruel could you be?? So you get what you deserve. Oh an he also just started his own business for real estate investing, McKenna llc. Rot in hell you lying, cheating, mother fucking piece of shit. Pages: 1.

Note: Some of the commentary about Patrick McKenna, Kent, Oh is a collection of user forum submissions from the previous cheaters registry site.  As such, some format may be off, but the dates when the comments were made about Patrick McKenna, Kent, Oh by the users were preserved.


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